Complaint Peace with the players, peace with the server
The admins irrelevant and unempathetic approach to my questions and statements has shaken my trust in Goonstation admins. Additionally, I am saddened by their eventual disregard for my written sentences, leaving my inquiries unanswered and locking the thread, seemingly unwilling to listen to me, the fact that they locked the thread after initially responding within the boundaries of the game rules made me question their responsibility.Instead of answering my questions or addressing the number of warnings issued, they simply said, "You have too many chances" or accused me of using GPT to write my messages . Goonstation, you deserve better admins .

piece out 
This post has been removed for peanut posting.
(06-07-2023, 01:15 PM)Mouse Wrote: this reads as if it were written by ChatGPT, ngl

but i wrote it myself 😭😭😭😭😭😭
This forum is not to be used to complain about how your ban appeal was denied.
This is because your post raises no other points about the conduct of staff other than the fact that your ban appeal was denied.
Please do not make further feedback posts like this about your ban.
Permanent bans are able to be appealed one month after they are instated, so the earliest that you could appeal would be July 6th.
This post is being closed for violating the rules of the forum.

Oh and I'd also advise you to stop using racist language like Karaboǧa on our forums. Doing so again will result in a forum ban.

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