Mentor Application: Hunter Alliman/The Smile
Usual character name: Hunter Alliman/The Smile
BYOND username: Frolicsome Flufficorn
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Frolicsome Flufficorn
Recommended by (if applicable):
Goon servers you play: Goonstation 1

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): 
Ive Decided that after Spending far to long playing Funny space man game that its time to increase my ability to pass on my knowledge onto the next generation of Goonstation players. This far Ive only been able to help those who are directly within my reach and who are doing the job. But I hope that If I was to gain Mentor I would be able to help those who need it most. My Main reason for wanting to become mentor arrived when I was watching youtube videos of people playing the game and it made me realise that alot of people dont know how to play antagonists or how to operate the engine, how to work QM etc. This is a real shame to me as when I first started playing I felt like I got these concepts relatively quickly due to having alot of people around me to help such as Sergio Unserios and a Borg with the name DDLN. I would like to continue the hard work that it is to teach those who need it with depth detail and most importantly not teaching them what to play but how to play.

Within this I plan on going over my experience as basically as possible in the most generic style, by going through each job sector and my experience within in

Civilian: This was probably my most played role when I first started playing, I would spent round upon round just playing janitor and chaplain so my specialities within these are extremely high, Not like thats saying much since the job role itself are pretty basic and rightly so. They allow new players to get into the game without having some crucial role that needs people to work well at to produce results needed to run the station. That being said, My experience with roles such as Chef and Bartender are quite in depth as well. Ive played these roles alot and Know the key secret to playing them effectively, That being the use of the wiki. lets be honest nobodies going to remember cooking recipes unless they are baseline ones. So in all honesty my reaction to someone wanting to play chef is to look through the wiki and seeing what food they would like to prepare and to mess around with the role, its allot more fun when you have a goal in mind. I always believe that all civilian roles are perfect for getting new players into the game since they dont have strict gameplay skills to get into and they are easy to play with the ability to translate some time into other departments to gain knowledge on how to play more advanced jobs. However, The Buck to this trend comes from botany. My experience with botany lies with the times I spent putting into growing well functioning crops. I pretty much know all the ins and outs of basic botany. I know how all the machines work and would Encourage any new player to understand how each of the chems interacts with plants and how the machines work, Understanding of all provided gear is often the key to enjoying a job the most. Rancher Ive pretty much done it all. I know how to get all chickens, Given its my least experienced job out of all the jobs Im gonna list in this post, so take what I say when I've got it all with rancher. Yes Ive done all of the Chickens but Its been about 2 months since ive touched it and I never did it for speed running purposes. To this end If I was to point out my weaknesses this would definitely be my weak point within the game. (along with fishing but that's because it just got added)

Engineering: Yeah Engineering Id like to think im pretty good at. I know how to run all generators including: TEG, Singulo, Electrolysis generator, the nuclear reactor and I understand how the Geothermal generator works but Im just bad at it. Ive spent quite a bit of time running all types of runs on these power sources and have spent quite a bit of time working with mech comps, wires and I know how to repair most situations within the station (re-pressurisation is hard though frown ). Ive spent quite alot of time working on understanding advanced TEG setups (again thanks to Sergio Unserios for teaching me alot of what I know about engineering). QM ive spent quite alot of time with recently and is somewhat the reason for me making this application. Recently a lot of QM players join and say its their first time playing QM and ive had to teach them how the basics work every time, Its quite a nice experience and makes the game quite humbling to play. QM though as a whole im extremely familiar with and Feel like im quite adept at. Mining Im also Quite experienced at. This again was one of the roles I started playing early on when playing Goonstation, Its quite easy to start off with but relatively hard to "master". There's quite a lot to learn for a new player about matscience and what material constitutes what quality, but again this is where you direct people to the wiki since its the best source of this type of information till you learn it off by heart.

Science: Ive spent quite alot of time recently with science. This is one of the roles that I avoided for alot of time since I didnt want to look like a idiot in front of the other scientists, but When I started it was quite clear that alot of science players are quite nice when it comes to teaching you how to make basic chems and how the machinery works etc. My experience with all of science goes like this. Chemistry is quite fun when you have a want in goal and learning basic chemicals that are useful for everyday use is very useful and can enhance gameplay, Learning secret chems through the Hints on the wiki and asking around is also a fun experience but not really something I would recommend to a new player. To this degree I know quite alot and know how to make pretty much all basic chems and all healing chems and a handful drugs/toxins etc. Artscience is another fun time, My experience with artlab is quite full with me understanding each of the activation methods and understanding what each art does with each message that it corresponds with etc. Im relatively familiar with toxins but rarely make TTVs or other large scale bombs, im far more familiar with smaller scale bombs and basically only really look into toxins to make chem bombs. Finally with Robot depot (Guard buddies) I know everything there is to know about this part with setting them to guard and setting them to purge building them their stations and basic dwaine commands.

Medical: My most time with medical has been spent as a roboticist. Im quite adept with all things robotics from making robots from their components (the like AI bots that is) and I know how to make all levels of borg and how to repair, upgrade and how to ask for things on the radio (very important skill). I also understand what Borgs want when they ask  me for things which allows me to know how to work robotics properly. On top of this Im very well acquainted with surgery and Know all surgery procedures and how to do organ transplants etc. Leading on from this Im also very well versed in what each medicine does and how to use it within each situation. As a medical doctor Its very important to do preparation, probably the job which requires the most of it. being prepared for whatever comes through that door is very important (obviously carrying Smelling salts, spaceacillin and filgrastim might be going a bit to far). Using all your tools is also vital when playing Medical doctor such as your PDA to call the nanomed or the portamedbay. Then theres geneticist. Yeah I think I know how to play geneticist pretty well. I know pretty much all the mechanics of the genetics console from each of the upgrades and what they each do to gene combinations and what they produce.

Silicon: For about 2 months I pretty much exclusively played AI and Borg. During this time I pretty much figured out all the mechanics for playing Borg and AI. Understanding how to interpret laws and knowing what each module does for the borg and each upgrade and what your specialities are. I dont really think theres much to say about Borg since besides their nature of being borgs their experience just derives from understanding of the departments they can be part of. AIs main goal is just to follow its laws so pretty much just do whatever feels natural to you when playing AI. If there was something I would tell AI players, its to just listen to people, Especially Command members and Security since they are highest on the manifest. This includes them telling you to stop bolting antags in, You arent built to be a super cop, your built to follow your laws, so dont ignore commands in favour of bolting an antag in a room (your laws dont state you causing harm through inaction). Anything you can do within those laws is up to you until your asked to do something.

Security: Ive played quite a bit as Security, I however, mainly play detective compared to sec however I have got extensive experience playing the role. I know how each of the sec tools work and how to use sec gear such as Secmate etc. Im quite well versed in dealing with each antagonist and to deal with Antagonists dependent on how the round is going and based on if Im a lone sec or if Im in a full team. If I was to recommend one thing  to newer sec offs is to at least attempt to help other sec offs who ask for help and crew mates. If you fail or die because of it, It doesn't matter as much since your at least acting in the way that is helpful for the team. Who knows maybe just your presents at that changeling will stop them eating your fellow sec off. To this end It is easy to say the best thing to be when playing sec is just active with going after antagonists (im not saying valid hunt them, im saying going after them) this means that you go to antagonist call outs to make sure someone isnt getting hurt, Dragging someone out the mouth of a changeling because its early isnt a bad thing, Perhaps mag dumping a antag 3 minutes in for doing that isnt as right thing to do (however, clearly that isnt agains the rules more of just a etiquette thing). But yeah Overall ive spent quite a long time playing security roles and would have a good idea on how to help a new player understanding this role. Would further recommend newer playing going sec ass rather then sec off, its there for a reasons and really helps understand the role before you get into the big stuff.

Command: To be honest I like to play command role quite alot. These roles  obviously put the player in quite alot of control of how the round goes with their specific gear and ability to call shuttle etc. Most of these roles include the leading of the department and are extremely useful in getting access to places for members of the department. They are also in my opinion the person to go to for anything within the department. MY experience within Command usually involves me trying to fulfill all the roles that the head has. as CE getting the engine running and focusing the engineers on what kind of TEG setup were doing is always a fun one, or the size of the singulo and if we will be feeding it or not. Command usually gives direction for alot of people and can sometimes be mentors for people within their own right. Therefore my only advice for being command is your only real obligation is to do a shuttle vote when others cant, though most of the time you can just ask AI to do so, since theres a higher chance they will listen to you.

Antagonists: Im pretty sure Im quite experienced with all antagonists. I know how to play every antagonist and have played every antag atleast 5 times. I know how every traitor item works and what abilities each antag has and its uses and some niches. To this end I think I could be pretty good at teaching someone how to play the role and know how they work. (my favourite antagonist is blob and Vampire)

Yeah thats pretty much it, My experience so far with teaching players has been obviously within a gameplay setting and have gone out my way to teach players how to play the game. Yeah I think thats all, would love to see more players get how to play the game and understanding how items work etc.

Yeah thats pretty much it, bye!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): Havent been banned but got warned once for umm, owl bombing the shuttle when there was still 30 seconds left. OOps smile (this was done like 6 months ago)
+1 reason: cow and all that other mentor stuff not much to say about that other than it's good
From the time I played on classic, Hunter was always a friendly face, and I have absolutely no contest to them being mentor, They definitely know their stuff.

Big +1.

Hunter was one of the first people I really talked to when I first started playing and I've found him to be knowledgeable and keen to help whenever possible.

Not much else to add! Great fit for a mentor.
+1 has a chronic ss13 addiction, prolly knows all the stuff
I'm surprised Hunter Alliman hasn't applied for Mentor sooner! It is not an exaggeration to state that Hunter has quite literally taught me this game. When I just started I would ask them to teach me most things, even antags. I would walk up to them despite them being a non antag and ask them things. They would explain abilities and what not to me in a calm and patient manner much akin to a mentor. Admittedly at the time I SHOULD have used f3 instead of relying on them but I felt comfortable with the way the explained things and their patience with me. I unironically owe most my knowledge to Hunter. I heavily Appreciate them as a friend and as a teacher. They still teach me things to this day in departments where I am still incompetent.

Respectful, Understanding, and Well versed. I completely agree with this app and think it's definitely a positive step forward in their SpaceStation 13 Career.

+1 from me personally if it wasn't made clear already. Good luck !
I've never seen anything but good behavior and an almost giddy excitement ro share. +1
Good guy that knows loads of stuff good luck!! +1
A true space man game addict +1
Super chill spaceman, good mentor candidate, +1 from me
Pops out with most random trivia I didn't know about the game, takes people on fun adventures and is highly knowledgeable on every topic. Can't say a single bad thing about them.
+1 knows lots and very approachable, often see em helping the newer players out in one way or another definitely mentor material
Knowledgeable player who I enjoy seeing on the server, +1
Yeah, Hunter is great and extremely knowledgeable surprised he wasn't already a mentor. +1
While we appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, at this time we believe you would not be a good fit as a Goonstation mentor. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 2023-10-08. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep being a friendly and welcoming member of the community!

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