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[MERGED PR] Adds a perspective map editor walls define to
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About the PR

It is now possible to define which wall icons are used in a map editor by uncommenting the `USE_PERSPECTIVE_EDITOR_WALLS` define in `_std/`. By default, flat wall and wingrille spawner icons are used.

Why's this needed?

As someone who occasionally uses a map editor, I've found the recent default wall icon changes to, instead of improving the map editing experience, actively hinders it. The icons have significantly more going on in the perspective versions, and the introduction of so many lines and shapes makes reading maps in the editor significantly more difficult than flat icons. This matters as, if you're making large scale changes and need to use SDMM for extended periods, the new icons can cause some eye strain; at least for me.

I think the most convincing way of demonstrating my frustration would be a visual. From looking at the following screenshots, I think that the top one is a little harder to look at, it looks cluttered and the lines constantly break up my focus rather than letting me to simply gloss over them like I could with flat walls.

[Image: e0d3e8ab-8e43-4774-b20f-8a7f04ddcc0e]
[Image: 0f3cfaff-457d-48c9-9f7a-987d37474fc4]

~~I think a case can be made for the perspective wingrille spawners, they're a little less intrusive than the flat wingrille spawner icons we had previously.~~

~~Of course, my experience is not analagous to everyone's, and I think I'd need more opinions to make sure that this isn't just a me thing. The original PRs were out to solve a problem that does exist -- that of aligning wall-mounted objects properly -- but it hasn't come up regularly enough for me to see the benefits. I myself was personally happy with modifying the base icon state as necessary, or drawing from a palette of modified walls that I already had.~~

~~I think a solution that would satisfy everyone would be a native SDMM solution for switching between perspective and flat icons, but there seem to be very difficult barriers to overcome to render perspective wall outside of runtime.~~

These points have been since superseded by the recent changes made as of 10 June 2023. Now that any given contributor has personal agency over how their editor looks, I believe we have come to a more satisfactory solution.


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