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What is one thing you wish you knew before playing RP?
I want to try out server 3, but I'm nervous! Other than the rules, which I read, is there any sort of unspoken ettique i need to follow?
RP before you act. Especially if you are security.
If you bust an antag doing some antagging, don't immidently go for the baton.
And if you are an antag busted, don't immidently go for killing or running away. Stop what you are doing and interact.

This balance gives fun interactions with security.

Also don't be afraid to escalate while caught! Put on a trial and such.
You generally want to play as if you can't do everything yourself. For example, self-surgery. Especially on the slower rounds, medical staff can be twiddling their thumbs for ages and giving them the opportunity to do surgery is great! Screaming because of the pain while an entire medical staff rushes in to see you hack your own limbs off is funnier in concept than in practice.

This doesn't mean "stay in your lane, bub." Janitors can absolutely pick up some plates and replace flooring, or get access from the HoP for ACP controls if there's no AI and the engineers are busy. It also makes sense for your janitor to know how to make space cleaner, yeah?

Basically, ask for help where it makes sense (or if you genuinely don't know, everyone's gotta start somewhere and I'm still learning things.)
The only one that comes to mind as an unwritten rule is don't shoot someone while their typing indicator is up. But I'm guilty of breaking it, so take my word with a grain of sand.
I mean for me I wish I knew that playing on RP wasn't as "strict" as I thought, I put alot more time into classic then I really wanted to over fear of joining RP and not being able to keep up. Thankfully it was great to see that my worrys were for nothing, everyone is super understanding if you aren't the best at the game, RP or other stuff like that.

It's important to note that things people are gonna say here aren't gospel unless it's in the rules, as long as you aren't being an ass and are following the rules it's hard to piss people off. Just have fun, understand that everyone SHOULD be acting in good faith when they do stuff and there shouldn't be any issues. It's really not something you should need to worry about too much, if you had the curtesy to think "am I gonna be an ass if I just go in while unaware?" shows that you're self aware enough to feel if you or someone else is being a butt.

Come join us! We're excited to see you around.
Remember the disclaimer that you will still get toolboxed, farted on, killed, etc by fellow player (within the RP rules of course). Longer round doesn't guarantee antag mcantag won't bomb your beautiful ongoing ranch project, escalation rules don't mean that people won't pull out a space 12 at early round. As long what they did still follow the RP rules, don't get too salty, it only makes the game less enjoyable if your mindset to play RP is ONLY for less chaotic round.

Also, something that I learned along the way, don't be afraid to say "changeling/vampire/arcfiend" when a non human antag harm you. If you want to play a character who don't know what those are, sure you do you, but you don't have to and so does others. There is no explicit rule that says your character can't know what changeling/vamps/arc are if they are not a head/chaplain/security, but some people choose to handle/react at antags in certain way to enhance their RP which is good! You will find your own way on how you will RP around certain things!
The biggest thing I have seen advice-wise from Admins, Mentors and other players.
Be engaged. You may feel like 2 people talking is hard to get a word in. Just go for it. Talk to people, take part in conversations, ask if anyone needs help, be sure to ask for help, most players LOVE teaching people their chosen professions.

But most of all. Have fun.
3 has a bunch of great people on it, and generally welcome people with open arms

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