Kopla Woodnar HoS Application
Usual character name: Kopla Woodnar
BYOND username: Kaspok
Discord username (if you are on our discord): kaspok#7641
Recommended by (if applicable): The Specimen
Goon servers you play: Goon 1

Reason for application:
There are a few reasons I would like to apply. For starters I don’t always see an hos on, especially later into the night (EST) where lower pop sec teams could really use one. I also think a lot of secoffs have a much easier time asking questions they may otherwise not when there is a HoS present. I always enjoyed teaching newer secoffs from using all their PDA apps, secmate, or even how to handle certain antags. An HoS can also clear a lot of indecisive behavior when two or more secoffs disagree with how to deal with an antag which is very important as I have seen sec sit on their hands before while discussing the best course of action to take and the time this takes adds up very quickly which wastes the antag’s round. Alongside all this I want to be there to encourage sec as there are rounds that will be upsetting or stinky for whatever number of reasons and for me at least having a HoS say something like “good job team” or “we did our best” at the end of a long round is very reassuring. 

Security experience (300 word minimum):
Upon first playing sec I fell in love with it due to how active a role it played during any given round giving way to great stories. I can describe my journey through sec via the outfits I wore at any given time. Starting out I wore the default outfit and besides the odd story here and there I recall struggling a lot with figuring out how to deal with certain antags upon arresting them. I do also recall learning the value of interacting with other secoffs to learn the ropes and discuss how best to deal with an antag. The relic sec suit era is where I really learnt what I was doing and ended up teaching the odd secass now and then. During this time I learnt about the power of talking to the crew and how useful they were for having fun and gathering information at the same time. I also learnt the power of information and communication as without it sec is crippled heavily in their abilities to keep the station safe. At the time I was very lenient when it came to arrest and punishments be it throwing a muzzle on a vamp with one staple or giving traitors a verbal warning after emagging a door. But in the current era of dirty vest I can safely say I have refined my knowledge and framework to the point where I am very confident when taking the lead when there is a lot going on to juggle. I’m also a lot better when dealing with antags and handing out punishment. The way I have come to look at it is that without the threat of actual consequences the risks the antag takes are less tense and can lead to a less rewarding story. That being said I don't think antags should be threatened with death at the first chance a secoff gets, in fact, I think talking to antags and giving them some leeway is one of the best parts of playing sec. I myself have a bit of a grading system I use when approaching any given antag. Low threats are mainly harmless gimmicks from crew and antags alike such as protest or funny pranks, often they need not more than a slap on the wrist but can be quite engaging if you apply a bit of light role play. Medium threats are your antags that have a main objective in mind and don’t mind killing to achieve it, such as vamps with blood count, lings with DNA, or even spies trying to get someone's stuff. Oftentimes I’ll arrest them and take their tools away/restrain them if need be but a lot of cool stories can come out of taking the time to engage with them. High threats are your rampagers who care for nothing else but kill count and there isn’t much you can do to interact with them besides shooting them with a taser and arresting them as fast as possible.

Answer two or more of the following:

What advice would you give to other sec players?
I feel the go to answer would be communication and although it’s very true that comms can make or break a sec team I would have to say the advice I would give is “talk to the antags!” Too many secoffs walk up to a low/medium threat antag and simply baton or taser them without trading a word and I always found that awfully boring. I think if you need to pat down an antag for evil gadgets, test them, or even arrest them you should state your intentions to the antag and give them the chance to react. There is a chance they’ll comply but more often than not one of three things will likely happen. One they try and talk their way out of it, in which case you’ll get a fun conversation about how “Oh ya I got an evil twin that follows me around” and whether or not you let them off the hook will probably be based on the context of the round. Two they flee and you now have a fun chase scene on your hands, running in and out of maints and spraying taser fire down the halls. Three they fight you and you now have a potentially epic battle on your hands. Now the downside to all this is that a antag may escape your grasp or you may very well end up dead in space. However I think it’s important to keep in mind that without taking these high risks you lower your chances of feeling that high reward that comes out of catching an antag who you've been chasing for a minute or holding on for dear life waiting for backup as an antag slings .22s down range towards you.

What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
I think it's a matter of both balance and security culture but I wish wizards were easier to arrest. Wizards have far too many rampage spells and this leads to most wizards rampaging which in turn has led to the culture of treating wizards as full on low threat passive antags or high threat rampagers with no in between. It also doesn’t help that wizards are very slippery and hard to pin down long enough to arrest. A more minor thing, I wish that the sec hud flag allowed more characters because as of now I think it's only 9 and bumping it up to like 12 would make it easier to mark info like how many times someone's been arrested. And finally I wish the baton only loadout had the ability to throw their baton at people and stun them like the NTSC as I always thought that was a fun high risk high reward mechanic. 

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
Right off the bat I’m a huge fan of item pies and I would love to have a round where me and my secoffs pieify everything we use in sec, I’m talking batons, tasers, print scanners, dounts, if it can fit in a oven then god damn I want it turn into a pie.
Another gimmick I want to do is party games in sec with armory gear such as hot potato with a stinger grenade or dodge ball but with pulse rifles.
Finally I saw this gimmick done by another HoS in which they built like 5 NARC turrets and made a little area where the goal was to run around and not get shot as long as possible and I would love to do that.
You did it ! What I've said about Kopla on their mentor app can doubly apply here. I've had them under my wing more than enough times to confidently say that Kopla is entirely capable of handling a security team. The engage with the antagonists, show positive attitude on the radio, have excellent communication and of course the icing on the cake is that Kopla does their best to assist any other officer or security assist with their knowledgeable security information.

I firmly believe Kopla is absolutely a prized officer and one I whole Heartedly recommend Kopla as Head of Security, I'm positive they will not disappoint you.
I’ve been sec with them a few times now and I can confidently say they are an extremely reliable, patient, fair, communicative, and in general fun player and secoff. It’s a definite +1 from me and I think they’ll make an amazing HoS.
+1 amazing security officer, always tries to be fair
Kopla is a great guy to play play with, whether I'm on the sec team with him or playing as a lowly civilian, he always is a person who I look to for guidance in game mechanics and also how to deal with interactions in a way that makes the round funner and not just indiscriminately completes the task of sec kill antag and antag kill sec. He is genuinely one of the best and friendliest players I've had the pleasure of meeting and would 100% recommend him to be HoS.
Kopla is a friendly and fun sec officer to have around. I don't think I've really seen them do much any role to be honest. They would be a good addition to the HoS roster. +1
I didn't realize there was separate applications for Kopla so im just gonna copy paste, as HoS I do recall seeing Koopla patiently teach new security players the ropes and just overall being a good example to follow. So im gonna give him a +1.
+1, I think you'd make a good HoS. Active on comms, fair for brigging and dealing with antagonists, active in showing up to help requests from other sec members, and fun to play with. Your app further shows you know what playing HoS is about. Nothing negative I've ever seen from you.
Whenever I see Kopla as security I always think "Oh nice, Kopla's playing security". I think that says it all. +1
Kopla is an excellent sec off, he is active on comms, fair punishments, and really friendly towards new sec, overall I think he would make an amazing HoS +1
I saw him play sec enough times to remember his name, and I'm bad at that, and I've never seen him lose his cool, so +1
After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a HoS. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our HoS Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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