Feedback Open letter to the Admin and Dev team
If you could stop making reference to the racist practice of lynchings in your post to refer to the time you broke the rules and got banned, that would be swell, thanks.
Quote:On another note: the admin gimmicks. I don't mind when a gimmick is announced pre-round or it's an event. But well, I was a Security lad having a great round whilst struggling to keep this particular prisoner in line for his short sentence. When suddenly I see him fly upwards, basketball in hand. Chaosdunked. Very immersion ruining. I hear that apparently this sort of thing occurs as a result of a "bored admin?" Kind of a dick move gent. I don't mind more chill rps, everything need not be high intensity chaos every moment. It feels fine organically but when it's forced like that? Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I recall Adminhelping that incident because of my disappointment. I didn't request anything, but I suppose an apology would've made me feel better. Or some assurance that such occurrences would be rare

Chaosdunking is a player action completely unrelated to admins.
Other people's feedback threads are not to be used as your own platform to complain about bans. Please make your own feedback. Jckrfc03, if you want to continue this in a new thread that's fine, this one is just being locked so it cannot get more off-topic.

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