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Allow seeing DNR from medical reords
I'm unsure if this idea as been formally suggested on the forums, a quick search doesn't bring anything up. I think it would be quite nice if it were possible to see if someone set DNR from their medical records. It would give people more reason to check medical records, and I think it would also just help with making it a little less frustrating when roboticists create a new cyborg body only to have the brain go up in smoke.
The issue is DNR, I believe, is connected to the player rather than the body. So, you'd need a different system rather than the medical records. It would be better to connected specific death inspect and/or brain inspect.
On one hand I would personally love it to show up since the most bothersome thing about brains is either a) smoke or b) all the cyborg parts launch everywhere and I cant find them again. It showing up on a medtrak scan would be like. Great!

On the other I think I'd worry as to how difficult it'd be for someone to code into the game. I mean if DNR can be added as a trait maybe, but it might make puritan redundant or.. blah. In all honesty I have no idea!
Maybe if someone is DNR, the brain could show up as cold? That might make it simpler

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