Mentor App 2: Electric Boogaloo
Usual character name: I have many characters, such as Corbin Dabra, Casimir Vespa, Antares/Lux/Ianis, Nicholas Clockwork, Lucilius Mothwing, Cheshire and ect.! Those are some names people might recognize in particular though, and I can remember teaching others as all of them.
BYOND username: LuciliusMothboy
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Mothboy#8289
Recommended by (if applicable): Colossus and Munien !
Goon servers you play: 3, 4, and rarely 1! I mostly play RP, but visit Classic on occasion.

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): I’ve played on Goon since June of last year. It’s the first SS13 server I was drawn to, and I’ve stayed here. The community is wonderful, and I can not in words adequately express how glad I am to be a part of it. I’ve played often, and have gained quite a bit of knowledge in numerous departments and areas of gameplay.

Security: I have played Security in this game for a long while. I’m not even sure when I had my first Sec round. Gosh, I think it was last August? Often when I’m playing SecOff, I make a point to seek out and teach new players, usually asking assistants if they want training, teaching them and giving them advice, encouraging them to be active on comms and ask questions if they need help, and occasionally offering to let them shadow me. It’s something I’ve done a lot, and I’m sure fellow Security players on the RP servers have witnessed me doing it. It’s also something I greatly enjoy attempting to teach!

Mining: I’m decently experienced in mining. While I don’t usually find any miners who need or want to be taught by me, I think I’ve taught the secret to finding Starstone on the magnet before to at least one person! I definitely have a few more tips and tricks up my sleeves if I ever come across anyone needing or wanting them.

Ranching: I spent a good few weeks of playtime…essentially hyperfixated on ranching. As such, I know a lot about it. I know it is EXTREMELY confusing for new players and takes a while to figure out, so I genuinely would love to teach it! There’s a lot of fun things to do with it. Not to mention, the chickens are adorable! I’ve made most of them before, and know the basic strategies to getting them to evolve quicker and changing their happiness levels, not to mention what they actually do.

Command: I have played numerous Command roles, those being Captain, HoP, Research Director, and Medical Director. I have taught both Science and Medical and am experienced in those roles, and I do enjoy helping people out as Captain! I could also definitely help a new HoP learn how to do HoP things if they need it.

Botany: Botany is fun for me, and as such I’ve played it quite a bit. I know quite a bit about tray chemistry, infusions, mutations, and splicing, and I would love the chance to teach those to anyone who wishes to learn them!

Genetics: Genetics was the first job I ever played in this game. I don’t play it much anymore, but I have plenty of experience in it and would love to teach newer players about it. It’s a fairly good role for beginners, but has a lot of intricacies to it, too, that can make for some pretty fun gene combos! (or terrifying, should an antagonist get ahold of them…)

Medical: Medical is another role I have quite a lot of experience in and have taught before. In particular, I’ve taught Robotics and surgery often. One round I remember very vividly, I was a Vampire Roboticist and kept running back and forth between antagging and trying to teach a Roboticist who hadn’t played on the codebase in several years. I often have myself used to test surgery on in Robotics, whether by new players, or by Roboticists who just feel like doing surgery that round. I am also very experienced in and very much enjoy the Medical Doctor role. I find it fun to teach about uses for different medicines, SR, and handy PDA functions to use too.

Chef: Chef is, in essence, a fairly simple role compared to some of the others I’ve mentioned (most of it boils down to looking on the wiki and knowing what different food effects actually do.), but nonetheless I have played it plenty. I do have some tips I could offer that newer players might not know yet!

Science: The Research Department is another one of my personal favorites. I’ve played it a ton. It’s fun, and there’s always a ton you can do with it! I know how to do Telescience calculations by hand, I can build and program Guardbuddies, I know how to do Artlab and have recently become very invested and done a lot of work and experimentation with Chemistry. I know for a fact I’ve spent entire rounds teaching both Telesci and Artsci, and I’d love to help someone learn how to make a little robuddy army, or develop a love for Chemistry, too! All in all, Science is a department I believe myself to be very skilled in, and think I can bring quite a bit to the table when it comes to teaching others, too!

Bartender: Bartender, much like Chef is a role I always found fairly straightforward. It’s mostly a situation of “read the wiki”. But, I still have played it a lot, so I’ll include it here anyway!

Antagonist: Antagonist roles are something I have plenty of experience in, and are one of the roles that I know from personal experience can be incredibly difficult for someone new to the game. The first round I had as a Changeling, for example, I killed no one because I could not for the life of me figure out how the grab mechanics worked. And now? Changeling has grown into one of my favorite antagonist roles to play! Playing Antagonist takes skill, creativity, and knowledge of game mechanics. I love giving people tips and telling people things they might not know they can do as certain antagonists. And, having been in the spot of being a newcomer who didn’t know how the mechanics behind the antag I spawned in as worked, I would have loved to have a tiny little purple mouse in my pocket teaching me how to be a monster. And now, with the experiences I’ve had and the enjoyment I derive from playing as an Antagonist, I find myself wanting to be the tiny purple mouse in someone’s pocket, teaching them how to be a monster. It’s not particularly easy to teach this kind of role to someone else in round if you’re not an Antagonist yourself, especially on the RP servers! However, I feel that as a Mentor I would have more opportunities to teach these kinds of things to players who might be having trouble. I have played as Traitor, Spy-Thief, Changeling, Arcfiend, Salvager, and Vampire enough to feel comfortable offering advice on those roles and their mechanics specifically, in addition to general advice for Antagonists.

Silicon: Playing a silicon role may be difficult, or potentially overwhelming for a new player, with a whole new UI and completely different mechanics and rules than from playing as your average spaceman. I’ve played as AI quite a bit, mainly on RP servers, enough that I understand these differences, and I could and would like to offer help to new Borgs and AIs who might not have any clue how to use their tools, how to check their laws, what their laws actually entail, how to charge themselves, what different upgrades and modules do, etc! 

I don’t only base this application on my experience, of course. Along with this experience, I also genuinely love teaching. I like to help and teach others, I like to meet and interact with new people, and I try my damned hardest to be a positive presence in the community. I try to reach out to others and help those who are struggling, and I love doing it. The chance to do more would certainly be an honor for me. I know I haven’t always been the perfect player and person, but I always do genuinely strive to put my best foot forward, and I think I have greatly improved not only in knowledge, but also in health, in attitude, and as a person in my time on Goonstation.

My reason for applying for Mentor is not merely based on my knowledge of the game, but it is also based on a love for and willingness to teach, a love for this community, and an ardent desire to be a positive presence within it.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None that I can recall. I’ve received warnings, time-outs on discord before, and gotten other people’s bans on accident due to IP stuff, but not actually been banned.

Oop! Forgot to change the font color for the "mining" paragraph when moving this from Google Docs to the forum. If an admin could fix that to be more readable, it would be appreciated!! Sorry for the trouble (again. Font color going from a white textbox to black background always gets me, it seems.)
Application is well-written and detailed (does appearance get extra points?) and highlights the variety of roles and strengths that Lucilius engages with. Nothing but positive experiences with them ingame (typically as Corbin) and don't see any reason why they can't bring their technical knowledge to bear for the greater good. Participates well on Gooncord also.
While I do think Lucillius is knowledgeable in Security, I think they should mature more before being a mentor. I see a tendency to leave their lane on RP and react poorly to criticism. Last classic round I've had with them they reacted negatively to others playing with one of the mob animals. Both attitudes I feel ignores other player experiences, and wouldn't like to see in a mentor.
I have witnessed Nicholas Clockwork in various medical/science roles, and they are quite knowledgeable and willing to assist and offer guidance to others. I have some limited experience with Corbin in security, and they've always been a knowledgeable, serviceable officer that is great to have on the team and assist newcomers in learning the ropes.

The vast majority of my experience has been with Captain Lucilius Mothwing, who is always a joy to see on station. Without fail, Lucilius usually roams the station as Captain, looking to assist understaffed departments, lend a helping hand, or teach someone the finer points of a department without taking over. I believe the biggest strength Lucillius has is their patience and welcoming attitude. They will welcome any and all into whatever event, RP, or teaching session is going on, offering some gentle but very informative guidance on any game mechanic subject. There are plenty of departments I have little to no experience in, and I would feel entirely comfortable in accepting help or asking them for it and know I'm in good hands. A hearty +1 from me!
Luca has been an extremely active member of goonstation in the game and on the discord since they first joined. I've personally seen them develop as a person, their attitude and way they act throughout the time they've been here and I would be delighted to see them on the mentor team. I've consistently seen them take the time to teach people in a variety of areas including security, botany and ranching, and medical most commonly, and they possess a great deal of knowledge of the games systems. They often play captain, and I frequently see them engaging with players new and old alike, joining in gimmicks, welcoming people and being an all-around positive presence. Further, I've seen Luca often helping people on the discord in all manner of ways, always with a positive and pleasant attitude. I think they have the right mindset and attitude to be a valuable member of the mentor team.
Luca is a very active and enthusiastic member of the goon community and if I'd just met him this past month or two, I'd give a +1.
That being said, Luca, I don't personally feel that time has separated you enough from the most recent time I've seen you use caps lock to argue in LOOC for me to feel comfortable seeing you with an OOC badge of good leadership.
Very heavily recommend Luca as a mentor. They are extremely fun and pleasant to be around while playing in SS13, and they are a very active member of the goonstation community. Have played with Luca for most of the time that I've been on SS13, and all of my interactions with them have always been very positive. In terms of in-game knowledge, I've seen Luca in plenty of roles and they play them all quite competently. Most notably, Luca is very helpful on the goonstation discord, I see them answering questions and interacting with others quite often there.

As a mentor I think Luca would excel. They are knowledgable and passionate about the game, and if they don't know something they want to find out. I have had nothing but pleasant interactions with them and even though they have had some bad calls they learn from their mistakes and own up to them. +1
While we appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, at this time we believe you would not be a good fit as a Goonstation mentor. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 2023-10-08. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep being a friendly and welcoming member of the community!

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