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A thread to discuss your character arc/development over your RP career!
Admittedly, I like hearing people talk about their characters from 2, 4, even a decade ago and how they’ve evolved till now. Or died. 

I think a pleasant thing about RP is kind of seeing characters become familiar with one another, or become friends, or celebrate moments in heir lives like weddings and promotions… all that. Sure not every round is going to be incorporated to a players character, but it’s always cute to see little instances when they do. 
This said, admittedly I wonder what happens to characters that are on Sylvester and how they’ve change and who are they, for the sole reason of exclusively playing Morty. Or, in a similar sense, characters who are active on another time zone, etc. 

So… this thread is just made to hopefully hear about how characters have changed, talk about your characters who’ve died or were retired, and what you hope for them in the future.
My charaters don't really have an "arc" anymore.
They are all different people with the same name if it comes to Selena.

My alts are just gimmick goofy idiots that focus on Calcium.
Mooster is a preacher of calcium and whatever job they will do.. they will add their own milk to things.

McBones is mostly someone who pry's off his head to keep watch at people.
My character started aloof fae mercurial and unattched.

An amazing event left her shell shocked and barely verbal

She developed into being secretive and spiteful.

Eventually her kindness, gentleness and concern emerged.

She came to be viewed as dangerous, capable and part of thr background.

Then one day her life got flipped turned upside down by the death of her father, and her reflection seized the reigns.

She was hard. Cold. Distant.

She became compentent to the point of zealotry. Aggressively and hungrily chasing down allies who where now threats.

Her edge melted away.

She became who she is now. A stern woman of principals, a mentor, protector and friend.

Wouldn't trade it for anything

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