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colored line seperation
hi. sorry if this is impossible, i have no idea what the bounds of byond are and i havent been playing very long, i played a little bit like 10 years ago when i was a wee baby of 17 and i just now came back. anyway, reading the chatbox is pretty hard for me because of something to do with autistic brains idk. something that would help me, and hopefully others, would be if there were some more readability options, the biggest one im thinking of being line seperation like this:
 [Image: CwI7V5e.png]
it helps me understand where any message ends and starts. if this is possible id love to see it in this server.
🤔honestly good idea yea I like this (as a toggle)
Good idea
I am surprised it was NEVER SUGGESTED.
Good idea.
I would have liked this a while ago but decided not to ask due to "possible limitations" or "the devs are working on it" or "byond aint working"

Added as a basic version here:

Let me know if there are issues or if improvements are needed etc.

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