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Usual CLOWN name: Chumby the Honk
BYOND username: Guv Guvington if not then something is really broken please contact m
Recommended by: no
Goon Servers you play: Morty because Rick and Morty refeanca


Answer one or more of the following:

?What advice would you give to other clowns?

Use the bar as your stage! You can perform tricks (not a among us reference) to a life audience the like the classic "box of death" trick!

?What was one of your favourite Clown moments?

Instead of answering this question I want to tell you my life story (real):

I have gathered a lot of expertise in my many years of serving Nanotrasen and worked in many fields with flying colours.

As a medic I had a patient with insomnia.
I made sure he would never awake ever again.

As officer, I was once called corrupt by some guy.
I called him a traitor and set him to arrest.

As firefighter I fought every antagonist and burned them to a fuck.
Those extiguisher terrorists will never cause harm again.

I even worked as a robotiscist in which I did a great job by giving them complete freedom.
The next day the ONLY thing left alive where me and my robots.

Finally, even as antagonist I did great and managed to kill half the station!
I might have only found out that I was a traitor at the end of the round and thought I was just a regular genetiscist the whole time, but hey, its the results that count!

During all these jobs, I was constantly called "clown" along other things like "psycho", "murderer" or "asshole" and at first I thought that was for no reason.
But after years of experience and consideration I finally understood what these cryptic messages ment.
It was so obvious the whole time and I am honestly embarrased I didn't get the message earlier.
I should become a clown!
Surely this must be my god given duty!
Answer one or more of the following fun ques

?Suggest a new Clown tool or gadget: I do believe there is a large oppertunity with nuclear bomb related pranks that have not been fully explored yet.

Other than that colourful reagent is always fun!

?What is a prank or gimmick that you always wanted to pull off? Murder, killing, causing suffering, I don't care, you can take this as proof for my deeds I just wanna kill and stab and kill and kill please I need to kill HONK

?Draw a picture!

HELP how do I add picture??

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