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[CLOSED PR] Makes Signifer II stun mode fully automatic.
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About the PR
Makes Signifer II handgun mode full auto and makes in less pain to use in general. Gives it a bit more spread angle as well.

Why's this needed?
Signifer II stun mode was in general very painful to use because of the spam click it required. Some HoS players say it's very uncomfortable to use and that it would be better as a full auto gun.
Signifier II stun mode on full auto drains energy pretty quickly, has decent spread angle and doesn't stun for that long so it seems good in terms of balance.


(+)Makes Signifer II stun mode fully automatic.

Mentioned it on the PR itself, but I would prefer to avoid this as I had designed (sprited) the Signifer to be semi-automatic. Kyle/Virva, who did the code/audio, I believe may also share the same sentiment, but I'll wait for their input.
I would like to repeat the sentiments made in the PR description and agree that, yes, it's really uncomfortable and awkward to use the signifier's stun mode. It feels like it wants to be a SMG-style taser (higher capacity, weak energy pellets) but has the operations of a standard taser, resulting in this weird confliction. I'd be okay if it was burst fire instead of automatic, but either works. Just not this weird semi-automatic pea shooter.
No to full auto, would rather double the power and delay of the shots or something.
I don't think full auto is needed either for most the same reasons but I'd support something like Cal proposed.
I cant imagine why full auto would be required. That's more of an NTSO thing.
I don't feel like making it work like normal taser/egun would be nice because it makes it like... Less unique? It will just make an egun with slightly different lethals and recharge...
NTSO already get full auto (Cornicen III) but it's ALL lethals, so NTSC getting full auto but stuns actually makes perfect sense to me
The signifer 'is it handgun or smg' description also gets a new meaning with this and it's pretty funny
I might consider burst mode making it fire multiple shots with one click but I want to hear devs opinion on this first
I think if we wanted another mode a high delay shotgun spread or low speed high stun long range shot would be better
Maybe make it a burst fire gun in bursts of 3 shots, but the sum of those shots would roughly equate to that of one normal taser pellet.
I have no problem with making it shoot 3 projectiles at a time if devs prefer it that way
Kyle and I have been internally reviewing the mechanics and intent behind the weapon so we can make it feel better to use. We want to keep it semi-automatic and don't want to go down the burst fire or automatic route, as the intention is for the pistol to be semi automatic, and the SMG to be the higher rate of fire variant. We're gonna be looking at the projectiles too.

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