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Buff glue
I never see glue used, let's change that.

I think a flat buff to the severity of its slowdown and duration glued items stay glued would be good enough. It's a chemical you gotta sit down for a good moment to make, yet has much less of an edge than lube. Doesn't need to be as strong obviously, it's lube, but using glue to better trap secoffs running after you sounds great.
No clue about slowdown but I think I was a bit too cautious when it comes to the duration of glued items yeah. Feel free to buff it. Also note that the duration scales with amount used.
Glue is used all the time for jokes, what I actually DON'T want from glue it for it to become a mainstream nerd-chem and not a fun gimmick chem
I still think glue would be used more if it wasn't just a "FUNNY CHEM" but obtainable from merchants or able to be cargo ordered.

Especially since you cannot order it from the science console anyway... so only scientists get to "Clown with it"

Wouldn't it be funny to have Honkington sell crafts glue that wears off fast?
And a more expensive paste that works better wich clearly says: "DO NOT CONSUME", but if you do drink or eat it, it just gives a LSD effect?

Eh.. eitherway... I don't think glue needs a buff.. just alternate ways of obtaining it for fun chem stuff.
It's not as disturbtive as lube anyway.
(05-10-2023, 06:34 AM)Kotlol Wrote: you cannot order it from the science console anyway...

Sounds like an oversight. Bug report this.
I did have a PR to fix a mistake i made originally where glued floors don't slow you down at all, but it got closed off, i think that would give it some extra usage again. Also, the pipebomb 6times reduction in damage still seems like a bit *too* much, but that's personal opinion. hopefully this helps with the sticky floor part

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