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Backroom and Techno Wraith Forms
EDIT: Layout is fucked, let me try redoing it in the comments

Backrooms Wraith
Focus on injections and utility

+ Inject Mimicillium, Painbow Fluid, LSD, Raj, or a cocktail of random drugs
+ Send people to the backrooms and where they do a maze puzzle to escape
+ Cast large darkness
+ Assume the form of the legendary Senator Death Badman for a short time
+ Recreate chiropteran screams that deafen people and break nearby things

Shadow people
+Camouflage in darkness
+Pass through people and windows passively
+Damaging aura
+Melee attacking people damages random organs
Possessed doll
+There's a cursed doll thing that I've seen admins spawn, I was just thinking that but modified
+Removing the inability to move when people are watching. Without the long cooldown abiliy to teleport to nearby containers, you end up unable to move for long periods of time. Not fun.

Techno Wraith
Focus on emp, electricity, and radiation

+ Emag living borgs
+ EMP blasts
+ Temporarily irradiate an area
+ Larger light breaking
+ Cast nanite gas clouds
+ Make selected APC arc electricity at nearby people

+Baton ability with cooldown after 3 hits (similar to gunbot gun rules)
+Cuffs people
+Ability to set targeted person to arrest
+Remove tiles
+Load cerenkite tiles
+Ability to instantly steal shoes from selected target and convert it into a fabric/rubber/leather cube

Very open to criticisms and ideas! Every suggestion and criticism helps! I was discussing Wraith ideas in deadchat earlier and had some ideas to post, so I hope these inspire some of ya.
I never considered the idea of adding another wraith path and now I'm hooked on it.

I think a lot of the backrooms wraith could be excellently woven into trickster itself, in fact I'd like poltergeists to be removed/changed into dolls, and I'm not sure if devs would want a direct backrooms reference but I can't be sure. A techno wraith could work but I'm not sure if the abilities there or any I could think of would make it interesting enough.

I'd like something like the backrooms wraith, like a "stalker" path. You could generate your points by visibly stalking a single person (think mikey DbD). Something akin to going slenderman on people. It could have a maze they get taken to once you get your points, which is where you would be able to turn into a scary thing like badman to chase them.

I think overall something akin to the backrooms concept without the direct reference would be great, in my mind that would create two 'combat' focused wraiths and two 'RP' oriented ones.
I just want a cosmic horror wraith.  The ones we have are too traditional.
Let's not keep making the wraith more interresting despite these having good ideas.


So insted let's give other antags more love and fun as the wraith.
We once talked about "Vampire classes"
But why not also arcfiend classes and changeling classes?

These are more common and more variaty to them is the spice of life!
The idea of an antagonist having their own pocket dimension is pretty fun.

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