HoS Application Dave Johnson
Usual character name: Dave Johnson 
BYOND username:Whotookgaming
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Gup#5932
Recommended by (if applicable): Curie De Roussillon
Goon servers you play: Goon 1 Heisenbee 

Reason for application:I noticed while playing Sec when you don’t have a hos it makes everything less fun and more confusing. Previously I thought I wasn't robust enough to apply and but after working up the courage and playing Sec for a bit Longer  I decided to try to apply to be hos because I think I have the knowledge and Teaching skills to be a HoS. 

Security experience (300 word minimum):
My security experience started a bit after I got into ss13 from being arrested multiple times and executed on traitor rounds. I soon started playing sec to learn how they work but I soon fell in love with the job. I think most of my playtime came from the recent months. Playing security made me realize how important it is to stay cool playing ss13, because if you don't, no one has fun.
I feel like I have the experience with the most antagonists enough times to understand how they work and how to counter them and how to give them a fair punishment. 

 I think Security can be summed up in a couple points. The first point that gets overlooked by many secoffs is, you guessed it, Communication. It might Sound simple but I’ve seen many people not use the radio and die in a random maint getting their blood sucked out by a vampire or trying to 1v1 a fire elemental, or Ling. It's one of the main things I say at the very start of games including to put your disk on the table.

 The 2nd Point is knowing your enemy. You don’t wanna be surprised when you suddenly start drooling and passing out when fighting a ling. An easy way to figure out the antagonists is to look at the wiki page for them. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep briging times fair, for example a clown slipped a secoff and stole their baton and isn’t giving it back, A good way to handle it is just to take the baton back and let the clown be on their way no briging for that, but if they took the baton and started beating people  and running away to Narnia or Being a excessive annoyance then maybe they should get a short brig with a warning. But if a traitor has been killing a good amount of people then lethal force should be used, not on said clown that decided to do some “clowning around”.

  My third point is knowing how to deal with a situation.  For example If you see two people fighting its probably a good idea to ask what's going on to see if they are dueling or one of them is just trying to kill them. A 2nd scenario is that if you see someone dragging someone away from people to a maint or tunnel it may be a good idea to poke your head in to check to make sure no one's DNA is being sucked dry. 

The last and most important point is TEAMWORK just because your the only sec or secoff doesn’t mean you should work alone you should work with the crew and if you have a team WORK WITH THEM they are valuable most of them are willing to risk their life to save you and you should risk your life to save them too. You should always ask your team for help or announce to arrest someone. I said some of this in my 1st point but i'm bringing it up again because it is IMPORTANT   Boogiebot
  • What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
One of my favorite sec moments was on goon 5 on the new map. During this time it was classic rules but because it was goon 5 people added extra spice when it came to playing antags (plus maints were an actual thing). During this game I saw a clown parade running around the station which looked normal at the surface, I followed them a bit seeing where they were going and watched them walk into qm trying to recruit someone. I walked in just a bit into the room and right when the qm said yes they main clown leader Glared the qm then I realized I was surrounded by a group of clown thralls. So I do the only reasonable response to this scenario saying “I don’t get paid enough to deal with this.” and the left. Doesn’t quite fit into words that well but it was very funny at the time. (Just to note I did catch that clown to let them have their “Muzzle arc”.) a slightly ill greater domestic space-bee
  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
Some game improvements I think that some of these improvements  would help Sec are One, Allow det to open the security lockers. It doesn’t change much even if they are an antagonist it just helps det having to wait or ask hop to let them access it because there's really no reason for det not to have sec huds, Another way to fix this is for sechuds to spawn in his office. And Two Better utility, there's really only two utility worth taking which are robust donuts, and Nvg, Which after a while gets repetitive. 
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
When I’m the only secoff I have to rely more on the crew and ai to find antagonists and I mean A Lot more. I also have to play more cautiously to make sure I don’t die and being the only secoff makes it a bit more stressful when you know that if you die the antagonists get control of the station. When I have a full sec team I can play a bit more aggressively in chasing antagonists knowing that I won’t be alone if I get stunned or slip. And plus with backup it makes taking down traitors way more easier and you get more eyes around the station so you can know if there's a ling hiding in a maint sucking someone's DNA 

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?

One sec gimmick I wanted to run but it's very time consuming to set up is a paper please-esk gimmick. Where you set up a border and get people to show their id to pass and have papers in order. The main problem with this one is the amount of requirements you have to get to make it. For one you have to go to mechlab and scan doors and get remote signalers, then you have to get the mats and find what wire bolts. Then you need to build it all and also set up a table with a window while you're at it, you might as well get hop to change the door to get to the back room to a custom id so people can’t just walk in. very time consuming and most people don’t wanna play along with it really. space bear
  • Draw a picture!
https://imgur.com/a/WQWj1gm   fat and sassy space-bee

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): One 48 hour ban for attempting to space people and being a all around annoyance to everyone as a non antag. (No banned medal though which is weird. And I’m pretty sure thats it. )  it's okay, he'll be up again before you know it

I think you're really good as a security officer, as in you are very knowledgeable, good at comms, showing up to alerts, when that used to be a thing, and sec help requests, brigging antagonists and when to do so, which is reflected in your app too, and pretty much just all of the above. I don't have any specific moments to describe, just in general. These things make you great as a security officer and would do the same for you as HoS.

Though a few other things
-Very consistently, I've seen you go clown or mime, and get security access/AA and/or full security weapons, which is unfun for the reasons of how often it's done, as well as in terms of leaving security things to security.
-Often I will see you hanging around in security or nearby when you aren't playing a security role.
-You've stopped doing it as much, but there was a time a month or two ago where I would see you ask for HoS clothes almost every shift I played with you when you were a security officer. Every so often is fine I guess, but having someone ask you for that often is something that gets old/annoying fast.
-Sometimes when I'm playing HoS I feel you hang around me too often, as opposed to as if I was playing a different job, when it comes to interactions between us.

Dave is patient, and has taught me a whole bunch of things. I've also seen him teaching new seccies very patiently. As HoS, having Dave on my team is always a plus as he's knowledgeable, robust, and friendly, as well as communicative.

His way of playing Clown or Mime may not be something some people appreciate, but I don't feel like that's any indication of how Dave will perform as HoS.

I fully support giving him the loud boots.
I've played many rounds now as HoS with Dave as a sec officer. I enjoy having him on the team due to his communication, open to doing creative security gimmicks, and overall sec knowledge. Would be fine for the role so +1 for me.
Although I have seen you many times in my rounds and are a great and competent security officer, I believe you are missing one fundamental part of HoSsing.


I'm really trying not to rain on your parade. However I just do not feel like you are ready to become a HoS.

I always see you doing your job, but during downtime or other sillyness, I never see you partaking in any fun gimmicks or anything that may seem funny. I believe HoSes should be fun and really egging on shenanigans and having fun in the round rather than making catching antagonists a priority. Because at the heart of it all Security Officers are the main driver of the mood of the game and seeing HoSes and Secoffs partaking in gimmicks and overall just having fun with the crew members when there is downtime should be more of a priority than guarding security or trying to hunt a new lead on antagonists. As it makes the round better for everyone, as antagonists can feel free to cause their little bit of chaos and feel like they are being sneaky through the security officers and people doing gimmicks can feel a small smirk when they bewilder a security officer. 

-1 sorry Dave, I know we're good mates but I really don't think your ready.
I have played several times with Dave as a member of security and I must say that he has the potential to become an HoS, he is competent, attentive, has good communication, and responds relatively quickly to emergencies that arise during the round apart from having enough skill to defend the station, although I feel that security has less and less competent and knowledgeable officers in its ranks, Dave has shown that he has the ability to handle the different situations that arise, and for that, I consider him a good secoff, however, I think he still needs a little more polish on some of his skills in managing a security team, being more patient and trying to be less aggressive with his decisions regarding antagonists. Even so, I think that it is something that can be changed in a short time, so in my opinion, it is good enough. +1
We appreciate your time and effort in applying. However, we are not comfortable with making you a HoS at this time. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 2023-10-08. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep sec officering!

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