Kopla Woodnar's Mentor Application
Usual character name: Kopla Woodnar
BYOND username: Kaspok
Discord username (if you are on our discord):kaspok#7641
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: goon 1 (been starting to get into goon 3)

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):

I love this game and its ability to tell these wild and amazing stories which you really can't get from any other game. I also love the community which facilitates these stories and elevates them to be lasting memories. That being said it’s not the easiest game to get into and I believe people either limit their job selection due to this or out right drop the game, never to experience the game to its fullest. I want to be there for these people to help them learn so they can experience and write their own incredible stories like I have.

From barkeep to jani to chef I know my civilian jobs fairly well but I must admit that although I know the basics of botany and rancher they are simply not jobs I have put much time into.

There was a time where the only jobs I would play were engineering jobs and as such I have come to master all 3 of them. I would say I have a great understanding of QM, from organ requisitions to building skateparks inside cargo, there isn’t much I haven’t explored when it comes to it. Mining is a job which I don't play a whole lot nowadays but I still understand it well from using the telescope and taking ores into matsci to build spears and repairing laser guns. Now my real bread and butter is engineer, this is a job that I have put a great deal of hours into to fully learn everything I could and when it comes to all 5 engines I know my stuff. I know the geothermal, singulo, and catalytic engines well as they are fairly simple to learn but I do also know a thing or two about hotspot stacking and a few ways to produce more power with the singulo as well. Despite the nuclear engine being on the newer side I have spent a fair bit of time messing around with this engine to try and fully understand how it works on a fundamental level. I have done a fair bit of experimenting with this engine and I'm very confident in my ability to use it. The TEG is my favorite engine and is one of the big reasons I got interested in becoming a mentor as I always had so much fun teaching a good handful of people the ins and outs of the engine, from messing with pump settings on a chamber burn to barely holding the pipes together during a pipeburn. When it comes to both mechcomp and packets I'm fairly competent when it comes to setting up mechcomp machines or spoofing headpass and/or calling the shuttle via dwaine. And finally when it comes to building things I’m quite well versed be it APCs, consoles, or walls/tables.

Medical doctor is a job I’m quite proficient in and I have come to understand the primary and secondary uses of most all the medicine. Alongside this I’m fairly experienced with most surgeries that can be performed. I’m fairly well versed in Geneticist as well, be it using chromosomes to mess with mutations or simply doing stuff with dna injectors. I also know my way around robotics a tad bit when it comes to building basic cyborgs and AIs.

Science is likely my weakest spot but luckily I have been able to roll science a tad more as of late and have been able to learn more about all the many things it can do. I know my way around the artlab and toxins very well and I have put most of my time as a scientist into these two. That being said I’m also fairly proficient with both teleporters in sci however I haven't explored most of the azones to the fullest. Now chemistry is something I never found interest in and as such my knowledge is very limited when it comes to anything regarding it.

Security is among my favorite jobs and as such it’s yet another one I have sunk a great deal of time in. When it comes to the vast amount of gear security gets I know my way around almost all of it from forensics to editing and adding new files to secmate. I also understand how to best interact and deal with antags such as getting silver cuffs for werewolves, throwing lings in the portabrig, cutting brig wires for arcs, or even taking wizard’s robes off to stop their spellcasting and so on. I also believe I have a good grasp on more of the meta ideas of sec as well, such as not punishing antags overly hard as to keep the round engaging.

I have put a good bit of time in most of the antags besides blob, revhead, flockmind, and wraith. That being said I have messed around with most of the gear that traitors can use and have explored the many loadouts that nukies get. I also understand the abilities of arcs, lings, vamps, wizards, and werewolves to more or less their fullest extent.  

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): N/A
Didn't expect a Mentor app from you Kopla but it makes sense. You seem to be knowledgeable in engineering as a proficiency and as a security officer are quite competent. Ive seen you atleast once helping out new players as sec (teaching secmate, how to not harm intent baton yourself etc). Ive seen you a few times as a medical doctor and while its nothing special you do know how to heal out of deep crit. And most importantly (atleast to me) your a extremely nice and pleasant person. You never really get angry or lash out and when you die you always take it with grace. I would say that Kopla deserves this chance at mentor, They tick alot of the boxs in my eyes. Good luck Kopla on your mentor app smile
I cannot speak for all of Kopla's knowledge but from what I've seen them as their crew member or head of security, they have the patience, tolerance, and willingness to not just educate, but go the extra mile to demonstrate if necessary through practical means even how to use items to how to perform tasks. They are also very cordial and respectful when approaching anyone, antag, new player, or even old players. I've never seen Kopla display any form of ill temperament or ill will even. They are often doing things in good faith, despite being antag sometimes. Their behavior is impeccable and thus I think they would represent our community well.  I don't at all doubt they would make a fantastic GoonStation Mentor.

+1 and good luck! I really hope you get this role.
I'll be honest I cant remember seeing Koopla playing other jobs than security. I will say though as HoS I do recall seeing Koopla patiently teach new security players the ropes and just overall being a good example to follow. So im gonna give him a +1.
Kopla is nice and pretty knowledgeable of ingame systems. Any interactions i have had with them have been fun and they are extremely patient and understanding as a player +1 from me
I dont play much classic, but the first impression I got from them was that of an approachable person. I have seen them teach a new player in a very patiently and easy-to-understand way, and if they are usually like that, then they seem like a good addition to the mentor team! Chill from what I experienced, +1 from me!
+1 very cool, also an amazing security officer
Recently saw a round of them as a secoff, setting aside a good chunk of the early shift to teach a new and unfamiliar doctor the basics of healing, which included things like the general medical chems and how to use the automenders and hypnosprays. Was very polite in how they communicated and didn't seem to be in any rush, which I'm sure a lot of new players can appreciate given how fast-paced the round can be. Overall got nice and warm vibes, which is solid mentor material in my book.
I haven't seen Kopla lose their cool so I imagine he'd make a good mentor, +1
While we appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, at this time we believe you would not be a good fit as a Goonstation mentor. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 2023-10-08. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep being a friendly and welcoming member of the community!

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