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Guy Dude. Life Story and Details
A bright white light, right before my eyes. I knew what was going to happen, and I knew that whatever happens I would never be the same. I faught against it, trying to leave as hard as I can, and eventually, I got out. That was the first time I ever saw my mother and father, and the rest of my huge family. I just got out of my egg, earlier than all of my siblings. My parents saw me as a small little tiny cockroachperson. ''Congratulations!'' Everyone said. On my home planet it was normal to witness eggs being born with the whole family. It was the year 2010 when I hatched, but it took me 11 years to fully become self aware of the world. I gotta say i got a pretty good childhood, my Parents (Mother: Angela Trespas)(Father: John Dude) had a pretty good bank account, and we went somewhere cool about every two weeks when i was 13. When i became 15 i really started liking movies. Obviously the movies on my home planet were different from the ones humans had since it was a whole other planet, but that didn't stop me when I was 21 years old. At that age I got onto my first space ship, which was set to earth. i had to wear special clothing and makeup, as well as a voice changer so i wouldn't get noticed by all humans. I watched so many movies from earth, even old ones. When I came back to my home planet when i was 24 years old I suddenly had to go to war as a Pod Pilot. I lost my arms in that war, so i had to get light robotic ones. I kept the same pod for the whole time in the war. I stole that pod and went away to escape the war, and to explore the galaxy. I made a lot of friends along the way, lots of enemies too, I hope enemies come and go like friends do. when I was 34 I returned again to my home planet, where i found the love of my life, it was a beautiful girl named Angela Atmose. It was kind of weird her having the same name as my mother but I got used to it after some time. She was 35 when we got married, at which point i was 37. She laid eggs the same year and they hatched when i was 38. I don't know how but there were 49 eggs, which is a lot. All of them hatched. I had to get a better job when i was 40, at which point I got to NanoTrasen. I worked here for 4 years now and nobody who hasn't seen the exact things i have will never believe what I went through. I have experienced many jobs, most notably as a scientist, since thats where my mind can go wild with things to do. wanna create a bomb? Go to toxins! Wanna create another bomb? Go to chemistry! Wanna find a bomb against your will as karma for the other two bombs and get blown up by it? Go to artlab! Wanna be killed in a way your body is unretrieveable for cloning/borging? Go to the teleporter! Altough it was hard as a puritian to live I made my own cloning place in my home in case I die horribly. I guess my life aint so bad, and that whatever happens, happens.


Full name: Guy Dude
Age: 43
Height: 183cm
Home planet: Unknown
Weight: 79kg
Biological gender: Male
Place of birth: Unknown 
Date of birth:2010
Eye color: Red
Blood type: O-
Hair color: He does not have any hair, but when made human he seems to have brown hair.
Current home: A pretty large house on an unknown planet.
Economic status: Above average.
Education: Unknown
Stamina: Can run quick in long distances but can't go far when sprinting.
Special body traits: Seems to have heterochromia when made human. Also seems to be a puritian as well as have eyes that can generally see better in the dark.
Hobby's: Shooting things, blowing things up, adventuring.
Marital satus: He is currently married to his wife, Angela Atmose
Occupation: He currently works at NanoTrasen
Religion: He is an atheist.
Body strength(s): Seems to be really resistant against radiation and is able to survive a radstorm with ease.
Mental Strength(s): Doesn't always seem to care about people dying, and unless its someone important to him he just says: ''Jeez''
Body weakness(es): Seems to posses a weakness to brute force and bibles. Also since he is a puritian he cannot be cloned without dying horribly, unless there are experienced doctors around of coarse.
Mental weakness(es): Seems to really care about its very large family and wide arrange of friends.
Fears: Spiders. altough he finds them fascinating when trapped or dead, if he stands eye to eyes with a spider he will not take any chances and try to find a way to kill it using everything that doesn't make him fight it up close. He doesn't really fear spiders, he is just afraid of having one trying to kill him.
Something(s) that he really really hates: Owls.

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