Clyde Montgomery - Head of Security Application
There is so much I can say here, but I'll do my best to be brief...

Monty is always a joy to see on the security team, or just in the round in general. Great at de-escalation, excellent communication, and strong command of security tools...I even recall picking up a few forensic tips from him I did not know about before. Monty is someone that always puts RP first, seeking to talk out situations first, enable RP, and respond to escalation from antags in an appropriate manner. While I know he is more known as Detective, I have also witnessed him playing officer, and he brings the same style of play to the table, with perhaps a touch more authority when in the officer role. He also unfailingly offers to train new security players, be he playing officer or detective, and more than once has assisted me in training others, and sometimes entirely taking over when I was called away. I felt 100% comfortable in Monty taking over in training, as I knew the newer player would be getting valuable lessons in all aspects of security.

The only feedback I can offer is perhaps rolling officer a bit more, so folks can get a more solid grasp of your play in the role. All that said, you have my 100% support and I give the strongest +1 possible.
Parroting some of what's already been said, but I think you offer a lot to the Sec department in terms of engaging RP with your colleagues and other crew and you handle antags very well. You've got a memorable character and generally handle yourself quite well, bringing appropriate escalation and engagement to the encounters you have. You make time for other characters and work to involve them in what's going on.

That being said, you absolutely need to put in more SecOff shifts and demonstrate leadership through your actions ingame. I don't doubt at all that you have the skillset and mentality to succeed with a beret on your head, but I'd really like to see you step up during shifts you play on (be it in individual encounters, taking on a Security Sergeant role, etc). Not only will this help you round out your skillset, but it will demonstrate to the community that you can translate the fantastic RP/Sec skills into effective leadership and show that you can manage the responsibility of holding the keys to the kingdom.

Need a little more to give it a thumbs up, but you've got my vote easily if you address the concerns above.
We appreciate your time and effort in applying. However, we are not comfortable with making you a HoS. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 2023-07-04.

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