Duke Nukem becomes Mentor
Usual character name: Duke Nukem
BYOND username: Jakson27
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Duke Nukem (Jak#3251)
Recommended by (if applicable): Osmosis Jones
Goon servers you play: goon1 all day every day

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
I've always helped people both in-game and in the discord server, even during my off-seasons where I'm burnt out of the game I greatly enjoy the community on the discord to discuss topics with. Becoming a mentor will allow me to be that much more helpful both in-game and in the discord. Helping others learn the game has been something I've done for months anyways, and it is an exhilarating feeling when a new player says something like, "Wait, I can gift-wrap a pipebomb to detonate when it's opened????" and then watch the evil I've released on the world when I start hearing about reports on the radio saying "DO NOT OPEN ANY GIFTS"

Uhhh yeah game experience I have some of that
General game experience is solid, been playing since like the summer of 2021, I'm pretty sure. 1,600 hours as of writing this. I play on and off but I'm usually always around the discord.

Plenty of time with security, well versed in shitsec security etiquette as well as teaching new security assistants for over a year now from the position of Head of Security on how to follow spacelaw, and when not to follow spacelaw. On top of extensive combat tips on how to be robust, how to stand your ground in a street fight, how to stand your ground in a gun fight, and how to stand your ground in an outnumbered fight.

Comprehensive grasp in medical knowledge, the basics of treating patients, how to manage a medbay, and how to properly use all the chemicals available to you in medbay. However I have absolutely no knowledge in how to play geneticist and I never will, I have never picked the job once and have sworn a personal oath to never pick the job once (although I do know the wide assortment of genes available).

Expansive engineer knowledge in all fields of engineering. I have done advanced TEG work, with plenty of understanding of the differentiation between TEG engines across different maps with a high score of 725XW. I also have knowledge in using DWAINE systems, Regex, MechComp, and packets to a solid degree, even designing a few machines that use all 4 of those categories. I've also done some advanced work with other engines too, but in short, I know and have taught the basics of all the engine to new engineers. This is probably my strongest field and I know there's a lot of confusion in there for new players, so I'd hope to maybe clear some things up.

Also I'd say I'm well versed to the basics and intermediates of botany and chemistry, though I don't like to play chemist too often.

info dump done

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
Spam clicked a lighter to close and open years ago.
Made some bad jokes on the radio station.
duke is prob one of the best engies i seen on goon and in other areas he still has a shit ton of experience wich he uses to teach new people when they ask him for help, i think duke is a perfect person to become a mentor so i +1 this

(also i will put you in a microwave now so we are even)
I have known Duke for a long time. Over there years I have known Duke, I have seen them grow and mature. Not only is Duke very knowledgeable and skillful, but they are eager to share their knowledge both in-game and on the Discord. On Discord Duke is a constant friendly and informative presence that is both welcoming to new players and friendly to old ones. I strongly believe that Duke is a good fit for the mentor role, and having the role would allow them to help out in the community further.
He has solid engineering knowledge i know this stuff because my vision is augmented +1
oh jesus we're about to get flooded with tons of engine nerds making it go 10PW+

anyways, very knowledgeable and friendly - especially when it comes to engine stuff - and is also very active on Discord. Very friendly on top of that. The engine can be a scary thing sometimes, so I think having an engine nerd mentor would be a very good thing.

+1, I approve, give Duke the purple name.
Every time I see Duke he is trying to help somebody, in a unique way, but still helping. Whether it is showing a new player how to not blow up the entire station's engine, or hook up a artifact to the engine for infinite power, he would be a fantastic Purple name. +1
While we appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, we believe you would not be a good fit as a goonstation mentor. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 2023-07-04.

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