Rupert Hanson HOS application
Usual character name: Rupert Hanson/Buckback Cutty
BYOND username: Rukert 
Discord username (if you are on our discord): CaszMonez#0538
Recommended by (if applicable): None
Goon servers you play: 3,4

Reason for application: a Security team severely influences a round, even more so than the antagonists whose chaos can make some rounds more than memorable. I’ve always liked to see how other people can push rounds forward if they are allowed leeway and if they are creative enough. I value creativity, and absurdity above all else in this crazy-as-hell ship and want to help people feel confident enough to attempt to accomplish their goals while still making them think ahead.

I’ve wanted to apply for Head of Security not just for the cape, the hat, or even the WOOP ASS BOOTS! But to help people who just started playing security who've gain the courage to play security still keep that confidence through trying the experience through a “Mentor” of sorts. Another reason is that I want encourage antagonists to be creative and not be as fearful their round will end as soon as they are caught.

Security experience (300-word minimum):
Well, I started playing Security around September 2022, at the start I played Security to understand how Sec thought so I could better understand my enemy if I was ever an antagonist. But as I started playing more and more security, I started to enjoy protecting the station, just as much as causing chaos as an antagonist. 

I started out as a little security assistant asking for stuff, I could help security with. Handing out tickets and watching the cameras. Through being mentored by some security officers I gained the confidence to want to try out at being a sec officer.

When I did start as security it went somewhat smoothly at first, I understood communication is key for security since being a sec assistant before when I saw a security team getting decimated by Changelings and archfiends for not speaking up about their intentions, also learned the hard way through lube to not keeping the baton out… etc.

One of the key things I loved as security was how creative you can get for certain punishments instead of keeping them in the brig for copious amounts of time and keeping them in interrogation for an extremely long time for almost no reason as well. I was on the receiving end of this as well when I started playing the antagonist and knew some of them would rather get their brig time over with instead and start getting back to their RP as Dick Dastardly. That started me giving them options when detained to choose to either: Go into questioning with security to prove innocence or go into the brig and serve the time they owe plus, occasionally a dunk in the toilets.

Evidence is a fun part of security as well, giving antagonists equally fun opportunities to get away with their crime with being through with them with cleaning up the evidence, feeling rewarded for doing so and providing fun RP as well. Plus, if the crimer is shown evidence they will probably feel less cheated for getting arrested in the first place. Even if they are guilty, unless extremely destructive and extremely uncooperative with security, I like to give antagonists leniency with their crimes, especially if creative with being evil. Because in all honesty immediate executions aren’t that fun in the first place for either party.

What I take away from security mostly is that it’s a team-oriented job focusing on handling the fun of themselves and the antagonists who cause the chaos SS13 is known for and moreover keeping the station interesting as a whole. It’s very stressful at times but you should remember it’s ok to have a break from the chaos and RELAX!
You can’t handle everything on your own and maybe your whole team can’t as well and that’s ok! We are all people and have limits on the chaos that SS13 provides and remember that it’s better to have fun than to take the chaos super seriously to heart.

Answer two or more of the following:

Q1. What advice would you give to other sec players?

I can summarize my advice as some critical points to remember when playing while playing a round of security.

The radio headset on your head which always seems to keep buzzing, is one of the most important tools in your gear, especially for evil people who want to listen in on you.

Always communicate if you find something of note on the radio. For example, where a wanted suspect is or if some crazed scientist is stealing Stir Stir in the brig with a teleporter. Don’t give out headsets willingly to people who ask, they are one of your only ways to keep a strong security team, and if your comms are compromised remember to use your PDAS instead. PDAs are slower to use but can help immensely from a threat staying a step ahead of you, and more secure since harder to come by.

Make Rulings and Punishments Fair and Quick
This piece of advice is very important, common sense is a good way to determine what punishments are fit for certain people, for quick punishments which let the crimers who learned their lesson… or not go back to their plans. One important thing I want to touch on is interrogating people, don’t interrogate for longer than 5 minutes usually unless the interrogatee ask specifically for a longer session because If you can’t get an answer within that time, it’s usually not going to come to light until later. I’ve seen some people getting interrogated for sometimes longer than 40 minutes which can ruin the interrogatee’s round taking it up by talking in a musky room. 

Adding on, leniency is important for punishments. Creative Antagonists really can make a round memorable if you let them get some steam. If you caught an antagonist really early in the round before they had chance to pick up some steam, consider releasing them earlier than what the punishment recommended so. (If they weren't completely destructive)

Executions shouldn’t be handed out usually at all, but if they are required, they should be reasonably justified, extreme cases. Execution puts an end to an antagonist's round usually for good and when you think about execution try to use some empathy when deciding if executions are right to do. If you are planning out an execution, remember to do these things first: Ask the highest in command for permission to execute, justify the execution, and if possible, make it interesting and fun for the antagonist.

Respect Fellow Officers and Crew
It’s important to keep civil, especially when rounds can get stressful, and people can make mistakes it is important to stay civil. Keeping respect with the crew can keep you from being toolboxed in the maintenance tunnels, or somebody stopping to save you when you need help the most. Mostly staying civil and kind with the crew instead of being jerks is just a commonly respectful thing to do on the job. More so, try to be kind to other officers too, there are your only trustworthy co-workers on the ship, and are the main way security is able to keep from stop falling apart, and is just respectful since they're real people too.

Keeping gear organized can help in pretty much any situation, especially life or death. Like keeping your pinpointer and data disk labeled and together, which always helps when your dead body is completely destroyed, or checking your baton charge to see if you are able to go out on arrests. Keep track always because if you are caught with your pants down accidentally, you are probably screwed. Oh yeah and also, DON’T HOLD SECURITY GEAR IN YOUR HANDS UNTIL YOU NEED IT, DOOFUS! This is essential, especially when It comes to clowns lubing, bananas, and other things of the sort if not, your baton will be stolen and used against you without remorse.

Q2. What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
One of my favorite moments interacting with security was when I was a spy wrestler. I gained the wrestling belt from chopping the captains leg off during the funeral of his beloved jones the cat and was in the ring looking for poor souls to destroy in the ring with WrestleMania. Eventually, the HOS had enough of my gib filled wrestling ring and decided to take me down a peg, infected with space madness and anger. Saying he was putting this WrestleMania down and called backup. What occurred was the HOS started to wrestle me in the ring since I had chopped his baton and kicked his gun.

I eventually was detained by security and prayed to the wrestling gods for redemption since after the fact I was suffering severe brain damage and could barely speak. I was being interrogated until it was cut short when the HOS needed help with the kudzu, and decided since I had suffered lots of brain damage and could barely run away. 

I was brought over by hall-infested kudzu and was ordered to smash the kudzu away. But as soon as I said, “RUPERT SMASH”, a bright light came over me and… evolved. I transcended to a wrestle-doodle and was seeking revenge for the final event for WrestleMania, timberdoodle vs the HOS!

I confronted the HOS and demanded a match. He respectfully declined not knowing that I had transcended the wrassling belt and become a wrestledoodle. I reintroduced myself as a transcended wrestler and WrestleMania began.

Pulling the HOS into the ring I started pecking his eyes out, dropping him, and smacking them with a metal chair. The Calvary arrived then, and I began to use the HOS as a human shield. I’d say that that fight was the most fun I’ve had in SS13, and the Head of security was sure having fun as well. I was sadly put down for my wrestling ways for being too extreme with it… But if that wasn’t the most fun security team, I Roleplayed I cannot remember. That experience pretty much showed me how much more interesting things can be if you actively RP with the antagonist and give them just enough leniency you can make amazing moments for both sides.

Q3. Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.

When I’m on a full team communication is key, always talking to my fellow security officers about any situations that come up and coordinating with them. When playing solo, I have to mostly rely on the general radio and what I hear on there. 

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.

Clown lubing the floors,
Dracula sucking the crimson of the poor,
Artsci testing ancient bombs on the station galore,
And Now a godforsaken S.W.O.R.D destroying the floor,
Still standing, with my only love here
Robusted Donuts.

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
I’ve wanted to run a gimmick where the whole security team is a bunch of cowboys and the HOS is the sheriff with a 100-gallon hat, with cowboy boots in foot taking down the outlaws in the station using wild west justice (Legal justice of course)

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
I think you're a respectful player. However my one issue wiyh a recommendation, which i am unable to give due to it, is as security or command you will set aside job responsibilities in order too pursue gimmicks. There are certain thingd you love and want to do! And that is not bad! But hos is the onr job where pursuing a gimmick can cause lots of problems.

Additionally, I'd like to see you teach more and guide, i've never seen you doing so, and teaching is super important in that.

I don't think you're quite where you would NEED to be, but! I totally think you could get there! Try to get some more teaching and de-escalation under your belt and I'm sure I'll give you an enthusiastic thumbs up in NO time.
Rukert, I think you bring a lot to the Security team in terms of personality, flair, and do a lot to help rounds progress in a fun/memorable way for crew (antag or not). I think you demonstrate that you know the proper way to handle the various situations Security find themselves in and you have a great grasp of what Sec's role should be on station.

That being said, I do agree with Geartheart's point regarding training as well as my own observation that I rarely see you stepping up to take a leadership role in situations/for the department (with or without a HoS on station). There's nothing stopping you from taking charge and working to build your leadership skillset for the department either through actions/presence in the shift or simply by asking the HoS should there be one.

You have a ton of potential and I hope you just give your Sec game a tiny bit of polish and stick with it. You're a great member of the team!
We appreciate your time and effort in applying. However, we are not comfortable with making you a HoS at this time. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 2023-07-04..

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