Diacorme's Mentor Application.
Usual character name: Hilde Rotham/Jericho Diacorme/Lotus Le Fay
BYOND username: Diacorme
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Diacorme#4862
Recommended by (if applicable): Angel
Goon servers you play: Goonstation 3 RP Morty.

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): I've always been staggered by the ludicrous amount of content in this game; I've played pretty zealously since late 2020 and to this day I am still staggered by the raw amount of stuff one can do. Since day one I've always wanted to experience everything I could; the various wacky chemicals, the azones, the strange and confusing mechanics like Mechcomp and more. But as I've played I've met many others among the way that have become my primary source of information. And thus, as others have taught me, I constantly seek to teach others. I will always take the time to help/teach anyone who requires/simply wants it, and that will not change based on the outcome of this application. But if I could do it better, I'd like to. 

As for experience,

Over the year's I've played every department. I cannot claim to be the best in any of them, nor would I dare to be so bold as to try. But I've dove enough into each department to at least know what I can and cannot do within them.
- Medical, my strongest field. I've pretty in-depth knowledge of all medical chemicals and their applications both standard and esoteric. I know all surgeries by memory, and if memory slips I've made personnel notes about the various surgeries that one can perform outside of standard liver replacement. In-depth knowledge on what organs people need to be functional spacemen, or which ones they can live without, or what can be replaced with what. Robotics was my earliest venture into the game, so I'm well versed in all things Silicon. How to repair them, both manually and with the cyborg charging stations. How to customize cyborgs after they've been constructed, and the various things they need after being activated. Modules, Upgrades, The Works. As well as a pretty decent understanding of anything genetic; chromosomes and how to acquire them, various combinations of genes that will create more desired genes and which genes kill people when used improperly. Or properly depending on who you ask?

- Science. One of my weaker fields, I've a pretty firm grasp on Artlab and the various methods of which to activate artifacts, both with the machines and the more improvised methods such as chemical carbon and radium etc. As well as understanding Telescience and how to acquire the offsets for each round. Learned about the calculator long after I was taught the math and how to manually get the offsets. Chemistry is on the weaker side of my personal know-how, ultimately relying on perusing the wiki whenever I wanna make a funny chemical. I've never touched the Chemicompiler, though I have a firm grasp of most of the UI's involved around science. I lack bomb-making skills; Toxins has always been something I avoid since I only play RP and making bombs and appropriately using them is a bit difficult.

- Engineering. I know how to repair most structural problems, I know how to fix pipes. I'm aware of how to set up all engines minus nuclear. The engine class I'm most experienced with is the TEG. I can operate the Combustion Chamber, I know how to make a "Big-ulo". As well as the risks that come with operating any of the engines poorly. I've a very basic understanding of mechcomp, I don't know every component. I can't even set up a teleporter system. I also know some basic packets such as Superuser Access and door controls and what they can be used for. Though I understand the mechanical side of Scan - Fabricate - Build New One. Cargo is pretty simple, and Ive always had a decent understanding of how to flip the market for a quick credit. Selling Cigarettes, Fabric, Checking Gragg for Char. I've also done alot of mining and have a pretty strong grasp on their tools standard or nano-fabricated, the quantum telescope, how to fish for Starstones and Nanites if need be. As well as the various ores/materials and what they are considered in relation to fabrication.

- Command/Security. Sometimes these two overlap, so I'm overlapping them. Ive played the head roles alot, Cap, MDir, RD, CE, HoP. I've a pretty decent grasp on all of their tools and responsibilities. I know the three standard laws for the AI, I know how to reset them if need be. I know how Killswitches work. Ive used all of the computers within the bridge several times. I'm aware of all of their duties, and the chain of command and when it is applicable. On the security side, I've played it much less than the other departments. But I've been around long enough to gain a decent understanding of how they operate and function. I've used most of the weaponry both standard and armory; I've a decent understanding of general movements in and out of combat (which feels applicable in this section). Aiming, Blocking, the various things you get for doing so.

- Civilian. I can clean the floors, I can cook food. I've chaplained here and there. The most complex job within civilian is Botany(In my opinion), and that's only if you aim for the peak of botanical warfare. I've not reached that yet, but I know how to splice a few things here and there, and how to mutate plants that require infusions or potency/endurance minimums. Bartending is much like chemistry, I know how to decorate, I know the various drinks, courtesy of the Wiki. And I've been clown several times. Custom pies, Banana Peels, Buttbomb Mouse Traps. Lastly, Rancher. I have not played this role all that much; Though I do have a very limited experience on how to aim for the various types of tiers.

- AI/Cyborg. I've played many a round as the Silicons. As AI, I know the laws and what is expected of me within them. I know many of the hotkeys to bolt/electrify/turn apcs on and off etc. I can set solars, interact with computer and the various programs within. I'm experienced with the controls such as Viewpoints, Announcements, changing my name to something funny, holograms and the various work-arounds to the obvious problem of lacking hands. With Cyborg, I'm aware of all the modules and the various things one can do with them, such as constructing new rooms, acting as a stand-in bartender. Medical Doctoring and how surgeries work as a silicon. And I know when players are to be classified as human/non-human. 

-Antags. I've antagonized many times, I've been wrestlers, salvagers, arcfiends, wraiths, spies, traitors and vampires. Been werewolves a few times too. I know the unique controls that come with these special roles. I know the extent of their abilities and the various counters to each one. Smes to Arcfiend, sunglasses/chaplain to Vampires, Salt to Wraith. I have a pretty firm understanding of most traitor items.

In conclusion,

I've played alot of this game. I never expected this game to give me as much enjoyment as it has. Same goes to the Goonstation Community; I never truly understood what I was getting into when I started playing the farty space game. This community of people have given me countless hours of fun, I've gained friends that I hang out with outside of SS13. And I'd really like to give back if given the chance. Anyone who's taken the time you read through this whole thing, Thank you for your time. I wish you a wonderful day/night. Sorry for any formatting issues or odd choices on my part; I'm not as experienced with forums as I am with the game.

And Finally,
Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None. Though I've gotten talked to a few times about some of my less proud moments.
I very happily stand by my recommendation!

I very strongly believe that Diacorme would make for an amazing mentor. Time and time again these past two years, I've seen you go out of your way to be helpful and teach other players asking or clearly needing help - even putting aside your own gimmicks/RP/antag round in order to do so. In addition, you're also very inclusive to others in RP, and have always been welcoming to newer players.

In conclusion, a very responsible and good player who I think our community would be very lucky to have as a mentor.
If I knew you were going to make an application, I would've recommended you in a heartbeat as well.

I've only been back on Goonstation for a little over a month, but I still noticed Diacorme right away. Initially, I felt nervous about playing due to my unfamiliarity with the current playerbase. Diacorme shattered my anxiety pretty quickly, almost immediately making me feel welcome and including me in RP despite being a complete unknown. His unconditional inclusivity and welcoming demeanor extended to all players, including the quieter ones, by actively involving them in RP and the station on-goings. Even as a Captain sprinting down the hallway, he'll stop and chat to anyone that says hello. He willingly offers his help to anyone that needs it from what I've seen and maintains the same great qualities in OOC and Discord. I've been genuinely blown away by everything I've seen and believe Diacorme has so many ideal qualities for a mentor.

Very easy +1. A joy to see.
You've always been friendly and helpful. While I have not specifically been taught by you I have many times seen you trying to teach.

I've also noticed that even if involver in personal or private rp you will set it to the side or at least forestall it the momemt another approaches.

I disagreed with some of your gimmicks before, but, if approached you take feedback and listen.. i think you're certainly knowledgeable and mature, so see reason you do not deserve a mouse butt.
good grief! yes!

diacorme outlines it competently but as far as knowledge he's a jack-of-all-trades.

one of my most memorable moments was playing a brand new character in security on destiny while hilde was a geneticist. diacorme was patient, did my genes, told me stories and genuinely worked to strike up a friendship with me while explaining his character's background as a monkey and asking me about my character's background with an interest in learning more. he was (and almost always has been) patient, collaborative, friendly, and creative. he revealed hilde's "true self" on the shuttle as a chicken person, eager to make a good memory. hilde might've also been an antag that round, but the focus was always on interacting and benefitting the round of everyone else.

i've played a lot with diacorme in the past. how he treats others especially as an antagonist has been i think the mark of a more-than-model-mentor, and i've seen him, as angel said, tuck away rounds as an antag in order to help teach someone because he prioritizes inclusion and sharing with others so highly. obviously not mandatory for mentorship, but the willingness to bring others into the fold and then making that a sort of primary objective of play is something that i think bodes well for being an effective and approachable mentor.
Pretty helpful and good from what I've seen
An incredibly friendly face, I've seen plenty of times observing them helping new and old players when they noticed they needed it. I've yet to see you lording your knowledge over others during all that, always being kind and understanding. to that, from the times I've seen you, you have always came off as immensely inviting and patient. Specifically how you compose yourself to newer characters/newer players I found to be a massive boon to goon in general, and something that genuinely warms my heart!
Very friendly and helpful, knowledgeable, open to helping new and old players alike. Always willing to include people and has a great attitude to the people they interact with. I think they'd be a great addition.
Long overdue. Diacorme is a fantastic presence in shifts and flexes a tremendous amount of knowledge across quite a few departments (Engineering/Medical/Captain are where I typically see them) and is always taking time to involve other players and share knowledge. I think they'd be great at fostering a good environment in the community and using their purple powers to help bolster up other community members.

It's a very easy +1.
Very friendly and helpful, would make a good mentor for sure! +1  queen greater domestic space-bee
I've seen Diarcome to be a trurly helpful, active and overall model captain on RP for quite a bit now, amongst other roles in which they are behaving confidently and helpfully as well.
I am positive Diarcome will be a good mentor.
After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a mentor. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our Mentor Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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