dennis' big smelly mentor application
Big Grin 
Usual character name: dennis mccreary/esc
BYOND username: lordvoxelrot
Discord username: seppucrow#1312

Recommended by: lucky cobra on discord
Goon servers you play: goon 1 heisenbee baybayyyyy  bee

Reason for application + game experience: i forgot when exactly i started playing here but it's been for a damn long time, back when popecrunch was still an admin and monkeys had fucked up sprites when they wore most clothes. goonstation has since dominated my free time as it's one of the only video games i play anymore, and when i have nothing else to do i usually whip out my phone and read something on the wiki or shitpost on the discord or something. there are very few moments in which i'm not being a complete fucking nerd about this game and so it feels appropriate to attempt to embed myself further in its community, which has extended me a lot of kindness which i probably don't deserve. i'm hoping that with my mentorship i'll be able to return some of this kindness.
while i don't necessarily specialize in any one role, i like to think i have an intimate familiarity with most of ss13's basic and essential mechanics (as well as a few slightly more esoteric tricks.) i am experienced enough to perform over the bare minimum and have some wacky fun in most jobs. i derive a lot of joy from sharing knowledge with other players, be they new or returning, and i often find myself going out of my way to do so, not that you necessarily have to go out of your way to teach people things about video games. my final point is that passively observing the antics of other players is one of my favorite things to do in this game to the point that i find myself spectating more and more rounds, and this appears to be a big part of what most mentors do.
i look forward to your feedback and appreciate your consideration (if any,) and i hope my terrible high-school level typing does not have too much of an influence over anyone's decision to accept my application.

Previous bans: i ate a permaban on the discord once, and i barely managed to be let back in. i feel really bad and embarrassed about it. i have never been banned from the game itself. i fully embrace any additional scrutiny this role may subject me to.
You do have a lot of experience, it would be cool to see you as a mentor! +1
dennis has been around a while so they have the experience and they are usually quite nice and fun so i think he would be a good mentor
While we appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, at this time we believe you would not be a good fit as a goonstation mentor. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 2023-07-04.

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