Things to post on someone else's application:

Anecdotes which are directly relevant to the application eg. "He murdered three people as a non-traitor yesterday".

Judgements on the person based on experience eg. "I've been a security officer alongside him a few times and he was good".

Things not to post on someone else's application:

"Yes" or "No" without any explanation.

Judgements on the application text itself eg. "Your opinion of Shrek is bad so no".

Information that is irrelevant to either the person as a player or the contents of their application.
If you're posting in this forum, please try to make constructive comments. If someone isn't HoS or mentor material, explain why - don't use an application thread just to be a jerk.

Additionally, do not post on someone's application if you yourself have an application open. If you do post, we will disregard it.
Going forward we’re going to be requiring applicants wishing to apply for Mentor status or a Head of Security whitelisting that had an application rejected to wait 60 days from the date of their rejection before applying for the same position again.

This is being put in place to give sometime for the circumstances which caused a rejection to change and to hopefully avoid strings of a player being rejected for the same position over and over again.

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