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Jebediah Flarearms HoS Application
With the move to the new forums, we've lost our HoS template. I'll do my best to follow it by memory.

Usual IC Name: Jebediah Flarearms
BYOND Key: BlackPhoenix0928
If recommended, by who?: While I've had a few people tell me to apply, they were not Heads of Security or Mentors, so I doubt they would hold much weight.

Reason for application(300 words min): I am applying for HoS because I realize that security needs guidance sometimes. Newer players thrust into the job by the RNG, or just players who don't quite get it, need somebody they can look to for information on the job who won't just call them shit and rob them. Sometimes, this is the captain's duty. However, if there is an HoS, he should accept that he's going to be running the Security Show. His job isn't to be an all powerful traitor-killer in a beret, it's to make sure that the security force isn't permabrigging and stunning with their own batons. It's his job to ensure that they know the difference between leaving somebody bucklecuffed for a moment so you can get another person out of the room and bucklecuffing somebody and then just leaving. Basically, it's his job to ensure that the Sec force isn't awful. Yes he should be helping to protect the station, shooting down wizards and syndicates, but it is more important for him to be able to coordinate Sec well. It's also important that he be able to judge fairly. Killing somebody because they smacked you with a fish while shouting “I AM THE LAW” is not only awful, but not what the HoS is supposed to do. Deciding that you like a guy enough to let him go with a face-farting after he murdered 5 people and subverted the AI is also not okay. Rather, the HoS should be the one that security respects and murderous traitors fear, while still being sensible in his judgments. It is also important that Riot Storage be attainable if, say, a pair of wizards is storming the station with an army of golems and fireballs. I think the station needs more people who understand and are capable of this job, and would like to throw my lot in to be a part of those ranks.

Detailed Security Experience (300 Words Minimum): Having been on the station since the beginning of Mushroom, I have seen quite a lot of changes and shifts. I began playing security a month or so into my gametime, and was shocked at how hard it was. I actually requested to be banned from security positions for a while until I felt more confident in playing it. For some reason, however, the RNG hated me, and threw me into the job several times. With the help of several Heads of Security and several good Sec officers, I got better, and became comfortable enough to request the ban being lifted. At that point, I began playing Security frequently, loving the challenge it provided and the fact that if there was action going on, there was a good chance I'd have a part in it. I love working with my other security officers to get hard jobs taken care of, and would like to think that I decently robust. I recall a very recent round where I was actually captain, with an HoS aboard. I'd already told the HoS that I wasn't going to be playing security, and wouldn't try to take his job from him either. So, after having picked up some Bo Jack and Trico-Weed for a day of Space Captaining, we received a warning that an invasion of “ “ had arrived. Knowing this was bad, and assuming that “ “ was the martians that the AI was announcing as having arrived in Engineering, I grabbed my laser gun and headed into the fray. On my own, I killed the alien menace, my Trico-Weed keeping me at full health despite their attacks. Announcing my victory, I headed to Security to charge my weapon. Suddenly, we were alerted of more aliens in Electrical. This time, another Security Officer comes with me, and we burst through the door in a flurry of laser blasts and chainsaw slashes. This continued until the aliens blew up the chapel and we called the shuttle. They were on the shuttle, but this time we were ready, and they were dispatched easily with a few kills credited to me. This experience of mob-robusting, combined with the number of times I've stunned both a traitor and his mind-slave before they could complete whatever scheme they were planning, makes me feel that I am ready for the position's various combat related duties. When I'm not protecting the innocent or ensuring that the guilty aren't killed for being caught accidentally slipping in a puddle and dropping their false mustache, I ensure that security isn't running around like idiots, batons out and being used on people who fart in a hall. If I have a problem with something that another security officer, the captain, or the HoS is doing, I talk about it with them instead of going on some big dumb rampage.
Quote: Having been on the station since the beginning of Mushroom

I don't see a lot of glaring errors about your character, and also I don't really know anything about you. Perhaps you should play a little while longer before trying to roll with the big dogs. Try and get some mentors or admins to say "YOU SHOULD BE THE GREATEST HoS OF ALL TIME" and quote them on it. The fact that I don't know who you are at all could be bad...

or good???
It may be that for a while when I first started, I played on Gibbed 4 as Bartholomew Draudy. I now play pretty much exclusively on Gibbed 3.
I'd have no issue with this.

Thanks also for trying to remember the template.
Sorry if this is wrong for me to chime in, feel free to delete this if it is. But I played a few rounds with Flarearms where I was the AI, and he was a pretty good sec, I think. My experience may be a little biased, as I play the AI mostly when the server is empty (probably cause I am the only one with AI set to yes). But still, for what it is worth, I think he would make a great Head of Security.
Yeah this guy is pretty cool I say go for it.
While I may be some random asshole, whenever I see Jeb on as security is usually a good round. He does his shit, he's never (as far as I have seen) been a arresting jerk, and he seems pretty chill. So he would be a pretty good HoS.
Added. Congrats!

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