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The "Naughty acts" of The Crew (No not that naughty)
Before we even start giggling... With Naughty I mean doing things you ain't suppose to do as staff but not enough to be considered Self Antagonizing.

Example: "Jump over the bartenders bar to steal a drink."
While not a pure antag thing to do. It is a crime.

This is what I call naughty things. Pretty much minor crimes that mostly comes down to being annoying, but not round ending.

So why did I make this topic? Just for people to recount annoyances? Just for people to recount their funniest as being a "Naughty staffy? or their pranks?
Or some sort of debate to stop it.

Well I have the word of saying: "Whatever the topic leads to."

Do you think this act of defiance was amazing and funny? Post it.
Did something felt like it was taking it too far? (NO NAMES FYI) Post it.
Do you feel your idea might be too close to self-antagging? Post it.
Do you think something that is done a lot by non antags for jokes is self antagging? Post it.

I just want this topic to bring out that grey line of fun in Goon and where we have to draw the line or keep it as it is.

I'll start with one of my stories:

I play chaplain frequently and sometimes devolve into cults... cause you know silly cult haha.
One time I did a clown cult and while the actual clown was guilty of some crimes... it trickled down to our cult cause too much clown like people.
So the captain OUTLAWED Clowns... and we as the cult peacefully protested outside the bridge.
That is until someone opened the bridge doors and it became a riot... (wich I half participated in, saying: "Is this a lil too far? This ain't comedy.")
But since 3 cult members we're rioting and throwing glasses... I didn't do much other wise. We naturally got arrested... but some thought we went too far.

And with that... let's get this show on the road. Let's get the goon spirit going!
So, as a rancher i like doing a gimmick of "cluwne quarantine", like making cluwne chickens and keeping them contained within a glas container. It often ends with me or someone else going in and getting cluwned. People are attracted to the pen with the obviously cursed and angry chicken like a clown to a banana peel.

Now, one time i managed to surpass my own expectations. I made a few cluwne eggs, hatched them, and got a rooster and two hens. You know what happens when (often new) ranchers don't control their chicken population? Exactly, a cluwne chickensplosion was going down. Of course i was getting cluwned while setting it up, but that was a small price to pay for the ringleader's glory:

[Image: Mass_cluwnes_2.png]

That whole situation became an instant mess, with having ~15 cluwne roosters in the pen. It was an auditory pollution plant of honking and suffering, it was glorious.

In the end, i went in to end the collective suffering with seethers. And i actually made it without getting cluwned a second time.
How much greytiding is too much greytiding? I'll let the other members of the forum answer that.

As for me, the only thing that comes to mind is the one time where I was scurrying around the station as a ghost critter and I came across a person of great vision. They were up to shenanigans, and after seeing my spectral form, they rushed to electroplate a fire extinguisher. They then turned to me; "It's filled with superlube. Flip if you want it."

I immediately accepted, and after being killed, my spirit haunted the extinguisher. I then floated around the station, tactically lubing up the floor beneath the captain, HoS, and other members of the crew. It didn't take too long for someone to track me down and take me out, but it was deliciously mischievous.
I, uh, may have been the one to start the wizard riots.
(04-04-2023, 07:03 PM)Frank_Stein Wrote:

They should defintally fire you as an admin and ban you! That just... no that's just wrong :P

Other wise I am glad people are having fun with the topic. Reading a few fantastic stories big grin
Back in the jerry gaster days I made a cult of people that were all turned into me, this may sound tame but it was all on RP. I have been banned from playing RP servers ever again(not really)
i used to speedrun old nuke ops, usually ending rounds in under 3 minutes. my best run was a minute i think
I think the times i've been most annoyed with acts have been when I'm without my legs on classic. Got nearly stuffed into a bodybag while desperately clawing my way to robotics, and someone's first response upon seeing a fellow miner stumped on roundstart was to try and throw me outside (which I somehow evaded? or he felt pity on me, it's been a bit)

I know the solution to this though. I gotta git gud. Or robust? Either one.
Opening the monkey pen,

attacking a monkey,

then immediately running away


so that all the monkeys are running around the operating theatre,

stealing tools,

and disrupting whoever was in there.

Whenever I ask why they did such a thing,

they talk about how they absolutely NEEDED to kill a particular monkey.

In other words, some random person decided that they have a personal vendetta against some random monkey, and now all the doctors have to suffer for it.

This happens more frequently than it should.

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