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Todays the DAY the clowns honk
Welp first time post lets go boys after so long....of clown school of Sliping people kidnapping them in my cardboard clown car and old trusty pie It is time i go out in the world ERROR Tyler maybe even the other Nathen's' come out of hiding and become honk the tip of my years of other clown's is have funny pranks to dish out to people like sec real funny ones if ya get batoned that means your doing a good job or maybe bad job poor brain....but yes I may not be the best artest but maybe i can try it some times if I tryyy real hard with my clown brain but ya first time posting in this soooo sorrry if i messed this up oh well keep on honkiing broski dudes!!!
I saw this clown today and had a good chuckle. They even hired MIKE TYSON as a lawyer! It was a very funny time.
wow I am new to this forums stuff...welp uhhhh I'm gessing there's no way to Edit the Application?

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