Complaint Ban for complaining? Guess we as players aren't allowed to talk?
I was warned for misgendering people during a heated conflict in rp, in which I immediately changed it and called them their names instead until I knew their gender. When I tried to disagree with it, I was banned for 30 minutes and the reason was  "that isn't an invitation to complain" for responding with my explanation and how I don't believe it's fair to get a warning for that for already fixing it. 
Apparently on this server we have no rights to speak? Yall really think it's okay to ban people for replying to an accusation? Seriously sad and clearly yall don't care about what we think. 
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my man you were told not to misgender people and rather than go "sorry, was a mistake" you raised a huge stink about it. take the L and move on
I mean, I'm not a man. So first of all, we're talking about misgendering.
Second, I have every right to say my opinion and explain the situation. So no, I don't feel like taking the L and move on when I was literally banned for replying, when I had already changed what I was doing 30 minutes before I got banned.

I feel it was unfair I have every right to come make a complaint hence the complaint section.
sorry; it's a figure of speech and, unlike in-game, i cannot use the alt button to quickly and conveniently check what your pronouns are

(03-21-2023, 03:34 PM)AggressiveBeans Wrote: Second, I have every right to say my opinion and explain the situation. So no, I don't feel like taking the L and move on when I was literally banned for replying, when I had already changed what I was doing 30 minutes before I got banned.

this is a harsh fact, but: you don't. being here is a privilege, not a right. if someone is being disruptive and argumentive, we are 100% within our rights to remove you. and, as you noticed, you were removed.

Quote:I feel it was unfair I have every right to come make a complaint hence the complaint section.

you can absolutely complain about it, which is what you are doing now. but that doesn't mean you are correct in what you are saying.

for example, here is the motd that shows up every single time you log in:

[Image: raWbH1b.png]

when we tell you not to do something, we are not cordially inviting you to argue and debate with us, we are telling you to under no uncertain terms stop what you are doing. if you ignore that, or decide to argue about it with us, you lose your privilege to play here.
I politely asked you not to misgender people, all you had to say was "oh my bad". I applied a 30 minute ban because you kept arguing about it. Not sure what you're trying to accomplish.

Warnings aren't punishments.
I mean saying that people don't have the right to disagree with you is pretty ridiculous, especially when you're in charge of a community of people.
My point is Cal, you gave me a warning and I tried to explain it to you, tell you that you were firstly 30 minutes late to it happening, secondly I'd stopped doing it immediately when told in rp, and third- I'd think people playing for years and years would have a right to an explanation or opinion. Not come to complain and just get "too bad listen or else" which entirely defeats the point of having a complaint section. Which by the way - noting I didn't continue to do it at all.
when you shit all over the floor, and we tell you not to shit on the floor, that is not the time to go "i'm sorry, i couldn't help but shit my pants". it is us telling you that if you shit your pants again, you will no longer be allowed here.

you are a guest. you are in our house, and if you disrespect the rules, or us, you will be removed.

the whole point of this is that when we told you to do (or not do) something, you deflected and tried to explain it away.

we do not care why you did it.
we care that you stop doing it.
I get what you're saying, but I definitely don't agree fully with that. As someone who's been here for like three years, I feel being banned for explaining is harsh. I get what kind of shit yall have to deal with, and how strict your have to be. But it's all of our house isn't it? A community we've been on for ages.
Eh, kind of rambling, point is I stopped doing it before I was even warned so not doing it isn't a problem. I never argued with that part.
My opinion on it being harsh is out there, that's all I gotta say, thanks for your response and opinions and being active in conversation. Have a good one.
i'm tired of trying to get it through your skull, so i'm just going to post what cal actually messaged you and your reaction:

Quote:Yo, please make sure you're not constantly misgendering people. Slow down a bit with your words. Examine them or hold ALT and mouse over them.

remember when i said that all you had to do was say "sorry, my mistake"? yeah. that's all you had to say. instead you said this:

Quote:I was reported for accidentally misgendering? my dude...

love the incredulousness of this. "wow, someone reported me for breaking the rules?"

Quote:You did it constantly. If you're going to bellyache about it you can take a break.

Quote:It was in ONE conversation where everyone was yelling over each other, and the moment they told me i stopped so yes, Im going to disagree with it. I dont see how disagreeing is bannable.

I'm going to go take a break anyways, cause i'm tired of how people are acting on the game. I feel like misgendering a couple times in a heated argument, being warned for it or even reported is extremely unncessary, especially because In rp you dont know peoples genders unless you ask, how tf would my character know? And if you look at it from ooc, why would i click to observe them repeatedly? When asked to, i clicked on them, saw theirs and did it right - all in all i like ya mexi, we used to

honestly it was my mistake in not reading your replies more, because i missed the bolded part. "why should it matter if i misgender people?"

you're right, respecting people is real difficult.

you're awful.


edit: honestly stepping back and thinking about it, of course you'd think this was a bullshit ban -- you don't think you did anything wrong!
I like how to continue this, you accuse me if being argumentative yet you get aggressive and call me awful. Don't take my words out of context for your own... whatever you're doing.
I said that being warned for misgendering in a heated argument AFTER CORRECTING IT- when in rp I didn't know their gender - AND - STOPPED AFTER I WAS ASKED TO - is unnecessary.

Don't take my words out of context for your own agenda please. Especially after I apologized to all involved and my ban reason wasn't mis gendering it was arguing. Thanks.

And don't comment on whether people who you don't know are "awful people" because of one bit of a conversation that you misunderstood the wording to.

I'll say my point of this again, my point isn't that I didn't do anything wrong- my point is that I feel banning someone over trying to explain themselves is wrong.

I'm going to go out on a limb and try to fix the situation. I directly apologize for not being more careful in the pronoun situation, It was a heated crazy situation and i stopped the moment I knew and was told i was doing it. I was already frustrated so being scolded on it further irritated me and I felt ban for arguing was harsh. I don't disagree with any of you on any of that. My only actual complaint was that it was a little harsh. What's done is done and I'll try to be more careful.
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