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change spawn locations for hostile critters
Just now on Cog1 we got four scorpions directly outside the arrivals shuttle, at least one of which then moved to hang out inside the shuttle itself and who happily slaughtered everyone the moment they joined.  Naturally, Goon1 apathy led me to have to take them all out on my own while multiple players including silicons watched.

Maybe make sure shit like that doesn't happen.
did you actually adminhelp the person killing people on the arrivals shuttle, because that is very against the rules
seems more like an ahelp issue? I don't see any ahelps about it.

EDIT: upon checking, they seem to have been AI mobs.
Yes they were AI mobs, that's why I think their spawn location should be changed! You can't exactly yell at a string of code for spawncamping.

edit: I may have been overly unclear in my original post, this is not about player critter spawns but NPC critter spawns.

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