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Player-Crafted Padded Walls/cushions
I'd like to propose an item that can be added to a plated wall or grille that reduces the amount of damage that people take when they slip or slam into those objects. I'm not entirely clear how it would reduce damage, but I'd wager that it'd provide a flat reduction in damage taken from hitting the wall; a padded wall might reduce impact damage by a flat 20 points of BRUTE damage, so if you would normally take 50 damage from slamming into the wall, you would only take 30, and if you would normally take 10 damage, then you'd take no damage at all. I might also imagine that you would be able to increase the amount of padding the wall has to increase the amount of damage reduction it takes, up to a limit of 50 BRUTE damage per wall. Padding materials you could add might include raw fabric material or cotton balls from botany.

For ease of implementation, the item you might need to begin padding a wall should be made in a hacked Clothing manufacturer, costing fabric and a small amount of metal/dense metal. Additional padding could only be added after the item had been affixed to the wall with a screwdriver/wrench/welder.

Why is this needed? For mech-comp people, this would allow for the creation of graviton systems that don't give them brain damage when they slam into a wall (i.e. arrive at their destination). If you ever wanted to make a superlubricant slip-and-slide, now you can do it without having to have medical staff on-site de facto.

Basically, it would allow for protection against damage from slamming into walls, but only after preparation of the area, giving it a very niche set of uses for people creating people-moving systems with graviton accelerators or disposal pipes. Potentially also useful if you want to make a role-play solitary confinement cell, I dunno.

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