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Faster atmos feedback?
As encouraged after I mentioned it on the discord.

The changes to atmos with re-pressurization (and de!) are quite nice.
However, there are a few unintentional impacts on engineering, which might need thinking about?

- Burn chamber pressures need to be increased to maintain heating across all the pipes-> Faster turn over in cans (minor)

- oxy agent beta collection is a /lot/ harder now (and it was already a pain) - with the doubled reaction speed, MUCH more CO2 / burning happens during the production so you end up with a scrubber full of mostly CO2 and a bit of plas / agent, instead of mostly Plas, 10-20% agent, trace CO2. 
(Which means hell / chamber burns with agent - already a pain - are even harder now)

I've not tested a pipe-burn since the change yet, but if anyone has, would be keen to know how it impacts those! 
(Or if someone's struck on a new method for the agent harvesting that works better now...)
From my work with the engine, the new system is just awesome. The TEG is far more responsive and you reach an equilibrium state much faster and reliable. At least for safe chamber- or charburns in general this works really well.

Also, plasmafires feel much more responsive and actual dangerous right now. Before, plasma moved like mokasses and was very easily dealt with. Now airlocks feel like an actual protection than a nuissance.
Now after some pipeburning:

Mostly feels the same (Welding all the time, nice energy output and everything burns if you did not spaced the engine). The pressures on the pump needed adjustments to accomodate for the new atmos speed, but besides that pipeburning is still possible with a very similar setup to before and roasts the engine and everything in the sorrounding just fine.

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