Complaint instant ban my mexicat without even talking to me.
(03-13-2023, 07:02 PM)Zamujasa Wrote: what you were going to do doesn't matter, because what matters is what you did do. get it through your head

I'm trying. I already said I understand that intentions don't matter as much as the consequences of what I did. What I still don't get is how my interaction with security where they chased me into the chapel and then I blew myself up wasn't RP, I'm trying to get clarification on what exactly happened in that situation that makes it not an RP escalation, because it seems to me like it should be. They ambushed me in telesci, then they chased me through a portal to the chapel, I ran into the back office and got cornered, then I told the sec officers to leave and get back or I'll blow myself up. They instead tried to shoot me with tasers so I followed through with my threats and blew myself up. Is that not RP escalation? or is it too little RP escalation?

Thanks for reading.
[Image: CZPdcl1.png]
(03-13-2023, 10:58 PM)Zamujasa Wrote: [Image: CZPdcl1.png]

Okay, that explains things a lot more clearly.Thank you very much for taking the time to make that graph, I understand better now why I was banned for my situation. Ill make sure a lot more rp happens before I try anything similar again. Also sorry about the reddit post, I made it when I was mad but it was stupid and immature so I deleted it. Have a good night.

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