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Re-do HoP Access Requests
My idea is relatively simple: Give the HoP a terminal similar to the Quartermaster's terminal where a person specifies the departmental access additions they're requesting. The HoP can approve or deny these either at their desk, or via a PDA program. If denied, they have to resubmit the request. Approval means they load their ID into the machine and press a button to make the changes. The HoP would still keep their ID computer if they want to do things the old way.
i like it
Via PDA program? No thank you... We don't need the HoP to do work remotely. It will only end up in the HoP getting murdered for the program.. and also the captain wanting that program... and then we have two heads bickering over PDA programs.

BUT... from the desk? 100% fine.

Also the requestee has to keep their ID in the console to be approved by the HoP so no shennigans of going in, requesting then spamming requests and leaving.
This does mean a line will form non the less, but at the very least the HoP can be streamlined and stay behind their desk safely without ever taking the ID from a player.

So for PDA I wil say no as it will cause some annoying breaking in. Let alone PDA programs mostly do not require an ID check.
Remember that in underwater stations, some players find Captain PDA's and start using the Captain PDA tools while still being a staff assistant like renaming the station.
So that's why I want to avoid the program for now.
I thought it was like, an ID pc in a wall somewhere and you put your card in and the HoP could say yes from it.

that sounds cool to me, remote-approving card changes but only at the PC? I dunno
I just fear shennigans with PDA's that's all.
Remember PDA programs can be shared too....

It's this thinking why I am against a PDA program.

"If" anything a remote control would be fine.
But not a PDA program as cap's PDA wants it then.. and as I said.. in some maps some Cap PDA's spawn in random loot chests and such.
And thus at that point it's like finding a cap's spare practiaclly.

And putting it on just HoP means the captain cannot have those benefits and makes them deskbound if the HoP is MIA or Not on Shift.

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