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Snatch (Vampire Ability)
150 Blood, 0 blood lost upon usage

One tile range version of the Pickpocket Gun traitor item, but with more vampy focused targets.

Head: Glasses slot (if they have something there), if not, headset slot, if not THERE, any hat they may have on

It would play a sound effect, kinda like this, ideally:

I don't like vampires being countered by the easy to find sunglasses and sechuds, and I believe vampire is criminally underpowered as it is now.
Idea came upon a vampire idea I had in the vampire specializations thread that I realised would be a neat thing for vamp to have period.
A "Bloody Dracula" is also a snowboarding trick that heavily focuses on grabbing the board, so neat little play on words there.

Coders pls add. Stop nerfing this shitty antag into the ground
Won't it just let vamps instantly get secgear
Seems like it needs really little effort to make
Steal some bloodbags and now you can just glare an officer and take their gear and even kill them if you are lucky enough
If anything, it will have balance issues
this would make playing against a vampire as security, especially on rp much more agitating
I'd suggest giving the Vampire more powerful offensive options or make their other abilities more versatile to buff them, rather than making their Glare more powerful with this ability. In general, people hate getting stunned and then killed/mugged because there isn't much counterplay they could have done, and glasses and the like are the main counterplay there is for a lot of visual stuns (from flashes or vampire glares). Unless this snatch ability put Glare on a short-ish cooldown after it was used, so that the vampire had to be a bit more prepared to deal with a person other than just stealing their glasses and immediately glaring them (which could be as easy as getting a normal flash that they then use on the unprotected person), I'd say this shouldn't be implemented.

Vampire is weak, yes, but buffing it in this way seems like it'll just make people hate vampires more.
To buff the vampire I don't think BRUTE FORCING it is the right way.
If anything you need to make em either more robust or stealthy.

What you suggest is NEITHER.

It doesn't help em keep security off. It doesn't make em stealthy. It just remove something from Security without much counter play.

If anything I recommend an abillity.. I'd go with something like a "psychic push"
Or a "spirit" eye abillity so you can see beyond walls for abit while your body is left open to attacks (and glows obiviously to show you are being a vamp) but you can see safely into the room over.

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