Complaint About game ban (discord ban)
I guess this is more of a vent rather than a complaint against a direct admin, it was a 24 hours ban from discord and I don't really remember who it was even. So sorry if I sound kind of jolted.

I was banned for two reasons stated, first for Mindhacking without RP, and second for shooting someone without RP.

On the first reason, I tried first chatting up with a security player that I intended to mindhack, was promptly ignored due to "fish in security", and considering that I didn't knew that Mindhacking counts as attacking someone per rule 2, and that I was short on time because of the shuttle having arrived, I mindhacked them.
So consider that:

A- I did try to at least properly set up RP, due to a situation that I cannot blame either them or me (fish in security was real, I saw) I was ignored and intended to set up the RP later after the MH, which didn't happen due to them sitting and ignoring me once in the shuttle.
B- It isn't really clear if Mindhacking counts as attacking someone per rule 2, I thought that Mindhacking could be rather accessory to the antag actions.

On the second reason, I had during the round, chatted up for quite a while with the lawyer player in their office, setting up an RP as being threatening, around the idea of "don't be a sinner", rather than having 0 RP as the ban reason stated. They bonked me with a cardboard, and considering I had previously RP'ed with them and established a threat, I shot them (I guess I just wanted to be evil for evil? But I did consider previous rp as being in line with R2).

The ban is 24 hours, so I'd rather take it as a chance to sit down, but independently of that, I think at least some of the reasoning on why I was suddenly banned was quite iffy or at least would have liked to have the chance of at least explaining why, instead of suddenly being banned from discord without any warning.

Oh sorry, it wasn't a discord ban, as it says in the title, rather, it was a ban from discord to the game client.

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