Complaint Zamujasa
I got permad but I didin't break any rules.I got sec banned because I shit talked someone.I did not continue that behavior but I got banned because I valid hunted some famous valid hunters.
In the span of 2 months, you've racked up 23 notes. Considering the average player might get 2-3 in a year or more, this is appalling. You have consistently tiptoed around the line with shitty behaviour and a poor attitude, which is further exemplified at the moment with your response to this ban being "Oh I'm being targeted for killing certain players".

Don't look for help here. Your ban was met with a score of admins saying "Good ban", because you've made such a poor impression in the time you've been here. Be glad that Zamu has even given you an option to appeal in a month, because I probably wouldn't have.
I talked with admin at discord they say valid hunting is not worthy but I got banned because of my past.I played a lot of shifts after their ban.I didin't break any rules and I didin't shit talk or say bad stuff to people.The guy I fought named Brucie Perkins was attacked me before like this .Brucie Perkins even said I attacked him because he was walking near of vending machines.I ahelped it and I didin't get any answers.I didn't break any rules or attack people randomly.They say I do powergaming with panc , insuls all the time.I really rarely validhunt people and I think this time Its about who I validhunted.I think this ban is injustice.

After zamujasa ban I didin't keep that behaviour. I played like too many shifts and I was playing med doc healing people or just walking around bar randomly.In this maybe 50 shifts I just made mistake one time and that was over reacting to that guy vending machined me I had to right attack him.Yes man treeby and erza validhunts all the time I just wanted valid hunt.

Can u tell me which rule break I did ?

or when did I do something bad after that sec job ban.

Btw Brucie Perkins stuff I wrote about was past incident.This was twice it happened with him.
I, nor any other admin, has done anything to warrant having to discuss this further with you. 

I'm closing this. Your ban appeal will not be looked at until a month from now. If you doggedly refuse to recognise that the issue here is not us, but your behaviour, I've not got high hopes of your appeal being reviewed positively.

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