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things in mechcomp
more changes have appeared:

selection component
- now has "send + next" input, the inverse of the "next + send"
- reason: "there is no way to start it cleanly without skipping the first element"

message sign component
- now turns |n into newlines
- wow
- the future is now

pixel display component
- optional "x2" and "y2" parameters added
- you can use these to draw boxes (not lines)
- also tried tweaking something to keep it from going haywire with too many updates

thank's for your feed back
So did we ever figure out why the pixel component blew up the server sometimes?
nope! i had a report of a crash yesterday as well, from someone who set up several of them. i'm not sure what the deal is, because it isn't a server crash, and i haven't found a good way to reproduce it yet.

i changed how it updates slightly; before and after (not byond code, just pseudocode)

drawPixel(x, y, color)
  art.Draw(x, y, color)
  icon = art


drawPixel(x, y, color)
  art.Draw(x, y, color)
  if (!updating)
    updating = true
    icon = art
    spawn(1) // wait a bit
      icon = art // update again for new stuff
      updating = false

the idea being that, rather than trying to constantly update the icon and send it back to the client, it will try to batch them.

but the interesting thing is that it's not drawing too fast that seems to cause the problem, because the crash seemed to happen when they weren't being drawn to.

i suspect BYOND.
Idea: Mister component - You load it with some chems and it sprays some amount of them out into a single tile smoke cloud on one side of it. Could be fun to combine with the health scanner to automatically apply styptic or silver sulf to the injured or antag skin-pen poisons.

Would that be unbalanced? I could implement the component myself if it sounds acceptable.
you're basically making a smoke machine at that point, which is probably too much.

a funnier idea: gun components accepting things like spray bottles
Questionable idea: Gun component accepts power hammer's special attack
microphone component
- no longer strips most "special" characters (including quotes, commas...)
- "show source" now switches it into "packet" form to match the radio scanner component
-- name=Mob Name&message=what they said, here

hydroponics trays
- radio signals changed
-- most events now specify the base plant name without mutations (e.g. white weed -> cannabis)
-- new event reported: harvestable
-- new event reported: harvest (includes number of produce and number of seeds)
-- now mechcomp compatible and outputs its radio signals over mechcomp connections
- new mechcomp input: scan plant
-- outputs a packet with the plant's genes (numeric portions only), the tray's total reagent level, and the tray's water level
Make pressure sensors pass along the name of whatever triggers them as an output signal.
Player made vendors aren't compatible with sending a string signal to vend something by name and I'd love them to be. Dunno if they're bugged or just not implemented, or in other areas with vendor stuff too.

Levers are mechcomp compatible but not mechscannable, not exactly a MECHCOMP thing but I'd like to try using them and gotta mechscan for that.

The rockbox could perhaps become compatible to allow things like an ore display outside of QM or something. Might be impractical.

As for new things some sort of target that sends signals when hit with bullets and such could be fun, if there's not a way to make that already.

EDIT: Realised I'd also love a passcode lock on the new text display screens, like the payment component. Just so people can't change the text so quickly with a multitool.
i'll think about lockable signs, but anyone could just unwrench them and rewrench them to reset the text to nothing, and then there's a consideration of mechcomp; right now there woudl be no way to say "even though it's locked, update with this text", unless perhaps you just wanted locking a message sign to basically permanently stop it

and then any dipshit could walk up to a sign that isn't locked and lock it, which could fuck over someone trying to use it

An ID lock for the sign could be good. And honestly most of mechcomp is vulnerable to randoms ruining it with minimal effort. Be it with a wrench, or lock
The book of forbidden powers lists botany harvest mechcomp command on page one.
(03-16-2023, 05:56 AM)Vocalpocal Wrote: The book of forbidden powers lists botany harvest mechcomp command on page one.

Maturation and production rate >100, immortality gene, with a botanical mister standing nearby. An autoharvesting machine automatically flushes all produce to the QM to be sold via a disposal system. The budget never runs dry.

I don't believe that there is a mechcomp component that allows for interaction with basic harvestable devices (hydroponic trays, ovens, grills, deep-fryers) to allow for this dark art. At least, none yet.
i need to do more checks on botany because i'm pretty sure maturation rate is either bad or worthless, it's kind of funny

auto-harvesting shit is likely never coming from my work if only because it is way, way too easy to abuse
With auto harvesting it's probably easier to crash the server than abuse it.

Look at all the produce lying around with harvesting by hand. And the times you are able to lag people out by just dropping 4-6 satchels full of stuff on a yile and letting people right click it.

Now think about a pile stocking up non-stop. As much as i like botany, botany is just too awesome.

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