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NT Employee Dossier: Neo Keiran Lycan
NanoTrasen Employee Dossier: 13ACT-DZ11

Neo Keiran Lycan
Status: Alive
Alias: The Candle Lady (specific conditions apply)
Date of Birth: September 13th, [REDACTED]
Height: 170cm
Build: Broad shouldered, muscular
Hair colour: Neon Blue
Eye colour: Light blue
Age: 25 (Biologically)
Occupation: Security Officer | Medical Director

Background Information:
Ever since its creation in the 2010’s, the Agency was a little more than an elite mercenary group that masqueraded their operations under the facade of a multi-billion corporation. With their wide intergalactic network and services, they sold medical equipment to colonies galaxy-wide and offered exceptional quality medical education to any who are willing to dedicate 5 years of their career with the organisation. At least, that was their official claim on paper.

[Image: _Z-t8FiVy-2_mVWIJ6Df9YjHhZ70W4M53miagA7n...IpIUzvFWyU]
The Agency's logo and slogan

In reality, their main operations were kept hidden from the public and were far more sinister, which included smuggling, assassination, sabotage and kidnapping; they quickly amassed financial and political status through warfare. And in the meantime, they invested heavily on their public relations, opening up charities in undeveloped colonies to maintain their good image.

Neo Keiran Lycan was an example of one such member. Originally a highly skilled mercenary that operated under the pseudonym “The Candle Lady”, she was their last resort when a high profile target proved to be too difficult or elusive for their squadron of trained mercenaries. However, during a dangerous operation that resulted in an ambush on her campsite, she was fatally shot and her corpse was sent to the Agency’s morgue, where she will be preserved until she is finally cremated. [See more at Dossier: The Candle Lady]

At least that was the official story in the papers.

The Agency, with their access to illicit but advanced nanomachine technology, constructed a brand new human body and transferred her brain. 

Through the ‘reincarnation’ cycle, the Candle Lady was technically kept alive throughout the process by reviving and preserving her brain, with added neurological adjustments (if necessary) for the benefit of her employers.

By targeting specific parts of the brain with a controlled electrical feedback from nanomachines implanted in her skull, they manipulated her memories as they have done to their operatives for many years. An operative that is given a certain memory that triggers a strong emotional attachment to the Agency is a loyal operative for life - a hypothesis which has been proven true for countless times over for the organisation.

As such, Neo Keiran Lycan was reborn, blissfully ignorant of her previous life or how she came to be. Her real memories have been replaced with simple cookie-cutter placeholders: she was born as a war orphan in Colony-x13, and when a compassionate entrepreneur of The Agency found her begging for scraps in the streets, she was sent to one of many orphanages that they owned.

Under their care, she was given the chance to study her medical degree within the Agency’s organisation and eventually she moved to Nanotrasen to further her career. Even to this day, she has no inkling that there is a small cluster of undetectable nanomachines in her brain - only a button away from reforming her memories and turning her back into the hired killer that she once was: The Candle Lady.

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