Feedback Zamujasa Goonstation 1 2/22/23 ~6:00
Zamujasa banned me at around 6:00 PM at 2/22/2023 for a timeslot of 1 hour. obviously, because it is only 1 hour, i am not doing this to appeal my ban or argue. the reason given was:
I don't know why the fuck you are mentioning pedophilia here but never, ever do it again.
This was because of a, in hindsight, poorly-thought-out joke. Someone near escape came in one of those big 2by2 subs and said "hey miners". I responded by saying "pedophile". About thirty seconds or a minute later, i was banned. Honestly, it was a fair ban. without context, it definetly is reasonable. I'm here to justify myself, and clarify that i was not just saying "pedophile" out of the blue. 
Either way, i will not be saying it again ever, but I still want to clear my name.
i am left utterly confounded at how you think this clears your name and not simply makes you look even worse
Even in context this sounds pretty stupid and terrible and you should probably be ashamed of thinking it's even remotely okay to bring up pedophilia on a server full of kids trying to play a video game for a cheap joke that wasn't even funny.

Consider your name uncleared. Stop being weird and making these "jokes".
(02-22-2023, 04:05 PM)Zamujasa Wrote: i am left utterly confounded at how you think this clears your name and not simply makes you look even worse

since when is bitch a slur
i guess i should have pasted the entire rule 4 into your ban, my mistake. pay special part to the bolded section, which happens to be the part where i truncated it:

Quote:Bigotry and sexual content is a non-negotiable hard 'no'. If you are unsure what sexual content includes: do not refer to sex acts, genitalia, or anything sexual in nature. This includes erotic roleplay, which encompasses all situations which are erotic or suggestive in nature (e.g. 'spooning', making out, etc.), and not only those which are sexually explicit. Rape 'jokes' are considered sexual content. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to use the word 'rape' in this game. Yes, you can call people dicks and insult them with terms that are used normally, but don't use bigoted language or slurs. Common examples of bigoted language include calling people 'retards', 'cunts' or 'traps', using 'gay' in a derogatory manner, or using gendered slurs like "pussy" and "bitch." If an admin tells you to knock something off because it breaks the no bigotry or sexual content rule, that is not an invitation for debate. Knock it off or go elsewhere. Bigoted language (for example, slurs) is also not allowed in your BYOND key, character name, flavor text, or anything else with which you interact with the server, whether as a joke, or masked with misspellings or spoonerisms. This rule also extends to cover bigotry and discrimination based around a player's in-game race, species, or gender identity.

note also the "offensive" and "derogatory" labels:

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