Complaint Power trip?? (dark rp moment imo)
grifflez was getting onto me for suiciding and i retorted taht i had seen someone suicide and the same job join later in the shift .i then wanted to box to death before i left and i was still talking to him i mentioned to the people beating me he was yelling at me and used the b word in verb form which  and he said to lose my "attitude" and when i told him i didnt have one bc its very recognizable i then asked if we were done and was about to say sorry if i hurt his feelings or offended anyone and before i could finish i got banned for"having an "attitude" and arguing i guess although it really didnt seem like i was doing either it just feels like a power trip and ive been banned like 3 times for like a week each for shit i didnt do and it really pisses me off that he banned me over something so small like IMO i didnt do anything but im also oblivious to social queues ig so aita or what

time: liek 11:40ish pm cst
server goon 1
admin grifflez
synopsis above

since i didnt get to finish there mr grifflez sorry if i offended you i was not trying to have attitude it just seems like that i guess idk whats wrong with me

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