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Sec question about toxins
Say you're playing security and you see someone making ttvs in toxins, what would you do? Typically I try to confiscate all but one ttv(for science purposes) but toxins is literally only used for bomb making so its always likely the person making the bombs is antag. What im asking is, do you guys just arrest the person for making the bomb or just take the bomb, waddaya do?
If they are a scientist they are just doing their job and I will leave them be. I will note who is making ttv's as if they go off it leaves a possible suspect. If they are a known criminal I arrest and strip the ttv. If they are a random I take the bomb unless they are working with a scientist or have permission from a head of staff or they have access to it
Ive only been on the science side of practicing them teying to improve then a bunch of sec boys run in and grill me about it and it always freaks me out
Take idle note.

Science makes thermite and strychnine and sarin and ttvs. Its their job. Its not illegal till they use it.
Depends on the situation.

I would make note of it and report it. Or I confiscate it if it's considered dangerous...

But.. if science informs us: "We are doing bomb testing today" I would go: "Alright thanks for informing us. Do you want a security officer to be there to supervise?"
And thus we get interaction between Sec and Science that is not, Security watching over Science waiting for them to slip up.. and such.

I mostly try to talk with the scientist doing it so I know what they are up to and reasoning.

I think overall it's better if the two departments make aware of TTV development.

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