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Cow-Lown: The Clown application of all time!

Beyond Name: Frolicsome Flufficorn

Recommendation: Captain Heres his signature - Signed CAPTAIN

Goonstation played on: 1

Hello! it is me, Cow-Lown. Within my Opening Statement I would Like to Submit The crucial reason for this to be made a reality. I am in need of the funny, I need to have the edge over other clowns due to my extreme funny and Because I need to show others and for them to recognise how funny I truly am (without this application proceeding people will never truly think I'm funny. Onto the Chunky stuff. HONK!

Skills: My skills include but are 10000% not limited too (I have many useful skills)

  • Funny
  • Knows how to make Bananas and Lube
  • Has a Driving Licence for Clown car
  • Has good Thoughts
  • Good drawing skills (you can get a example soon)
  • Knows how to use Bike Horn and Can Bake cream pies

I am clearly A excellent Choice to be Pro Clown. I Have all the required skills, I am Also good at keeping secrets smile .

Experiences as a clown:

My experiences as a Clown have been very Fruitful and have been a Large contribution to the people of the station having a funny time. Listed will be Some key funnies that I have committed

Funny story 1: I was being funny (as usual) And I filled a Fluid Container with 20 thousand units of Space lube And filled the Brig with Lube, This then Lead to the Security forcing me to clean it up frown, very mean security but I did clean it up after. This was a especially funny moment as It managed to achieve the funny moment. 

Funny Story 2: The Time when I was all like Its time To do Bath time and I made it So and Forced all the Monkies into Bathes and then they all drowned (I thought they were just enjoying the water) This then Lead to the Miasma created by the 20+ monkies to fill the entirety of Escape with it. This was a unexpected Biproduct of my funny But Im sure the plants appreciated it.

Funny story 2: Stealing Security officers in my Clown car and bringing them to the destinations they needed, Weirdly one asked me to take them to Disposals but I got confused and Drove them and many of the other sec offs into the crusher, This was a large mistake on my end but Im sure they lived? maybe? probably not but it was a honest mistake. I promise smile .

There are Many other funny stories But these are some of the more recent ones (my memory isnt that good frown )

Advice to other Clowns

My advice To funny people is to be funny, Now you may ask how do I become the funny. Well that's easy you need First of all you need to Exercise your funny Charisma to Hypnotise the crew into giving you everything you need. This is your strongest ability (stronger than all antag items and abilities). This will allow you to gain unlimited power. Remember while on station you are the strongest being there is, None will be able to stop you. This is why everyone on the station relies on you to Keep them safe from lack luster rounds and bordum (and if necessary the lesser problem the antagonists).

Closing Statement:

Therefore in conclusion. I need Clown because I Passed Clown school and They told me This is my next step, I have the skills to do every other job but They are all lesser jobs and not many people have the extreme and rare skills it takes to be a clown. Therefore, This is a golden opportunity for the whole of the world, By accepting me your doing everyone a favour.
+1 very good clown. Slipped me too much
+1 i love a clown with many useful skills!1!!! but... you must master Radio/horn assembly and put it all around station!!!
+1, application is in correct font.
+1 he passed clown school

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