Max Wren's Head of Security application
Max Wren
Bluejet9909 #6202
I play on Goon 1 and very rarely goon 3
Reason for Application
I started playing security a while ago, don't remember when I started but it was sometime in early 2022. I would respond to calls for help, fight nukies, look for the ling, help medbay not explode, the normal things sec does. While playing in and out of sec I noticed how much of a impact sec leaves, some impacts good, some not. Security is supposed to protect the crew from threats, may they be alien, traitors, or the biggest evil of all: Admemes. However they also have to make it so that everyone (antags included) have a fun or interesting round. What I am seeing now more and more are disorganized security forces that fail to protect the crew as they are inexperienced (which is fine we all start somewhere) or are corrupt (taking pay-offs, ignoring because they are friends ect.). On the other side there are the abusive ones who go on power trips around the ship, valid hunting all antags very early on, ruining the rounds for them. Some HOS I have seen have been able to rally security together, and oust the corrupt and power hunger members of sec. That is why I want to apply for this position. I want to be able to keep security in line, while making sure the round is fun for most the crew. 
Alot can happen in the rounds and having somebody to lead security into becoming a functioning police force is important. I will discuss my experiences with good HOS's in my experience section, but in short, the ones I have seen have been good at helping the newer members of sec get the footing they need. I have helped some newer members, and I have led on the occasion that security needs to be rallied for a push. I believe that I can help the crew and security more if I was allowed to take this next step. 
Security experience
I play security often (if you count det and if you squint hard enough, me being a captain who tries to keep in securities loop) When I am sec, I try to keep as many crew members and security forces safe. I have been playing sec since I believe early 2022, possibly even late 2021. I have tried to keep a cool head and get every point of view of witnesses. I have looked at other HOS applications to see the best way to format this and will be taking a page out of Felix Azazel's HOS application.

Communication: I always seek to improve the amount I communicate. I look at chat to see if any officers are in danger, to see if any crew need help, or to see if anybody has seen a antag, or found a the name for them. I am always trying to help officers who ask, and if I am in danger, I call for sec and crew help, along with if applicable, the arc/traitor/vamp/ling who is hurting me, and my location.

Chillness: I try to stay chill and keep a level head, but sometimes I get angry or loose it but they are few and far between and I can name some off the top of my head. When a Head rev killed multiple members of sec and crew, we had locked them in containment. Revs were coming to break the out, so as detective, I made the choice to neutralize them. Other instances are when I get frustrated over the course of the round, sometimes when people keep messing with me, or are generally being genuinely annoying, I sometimes get mad and yell at them, but I generally attempt to avoid this and continue. I never valid hunt antags who are not deserving of it. If a wizard or vamp is being chill, I will keep a eye on them a for a while, or ask if I can place a tracker in them, and if they are good, I leave them be, even sometimes defending them from bloodthirsty valid hunters. But when somebody is running around with a katana killing people, or wrestle belting people into the shadow realm, I will attempt to capture them, but if I cannot, I will only then kill them. My philosophy on antags are if they aren't hurting people, leave them be. I have been on the other end of valid hunters, and it is not fun.

Leadership: When I am captain or there in nobody left to lead in a tough situation, I will sometimes step up and try to lead the crew and sec. I am sometimes scared to do it as, if we fail it will all be on me and that can stress me out. But if I am needed I will rise to the occasion best as I can.

Experience: Though I have been playing this game for a while now, I am a exceptionally slow learner. I try to learn as much as possible and to help others who want to learn as well. In sec I am fairly well experienced. I know that indefinitely imprisoning people isn't good (I have done it on one occasion but I will list that in my flaws), but letting them off to light can be bad.  I try to be the best sec officer/ det I can be but sometimes I fail, luckily I have better, more experienced sec to help me.

Criticism and improvement: hehe, *gulp*. I have been banned several times for various reasons. I used to only care about me having fun and only me and I ended up making some people not have fun. This has lead me to multiple bans, some permanent. After my latest perma, I was taking a improv class, and I realized that my fun wasn't all that mattered. Yes I have made several mistakes in the past, I was bad, stepped on toes, crossed the line, did really dumb things and my record for admins probably isn't the most appealing to look at, but I have changed my playstyle and I have tried to adhere to rules and really try not to bend them to far. Alot of the stuff I do as Sec is to make up for what i have done in the past.

Compassion: I try to help people as much as possible. when a attack of some sort happens, like flock, nukies, bombing ect. I try to get the injured to safety. To put it bluntly, compassion is part of our job. It is why I help non violent and reformed antags, why I get victims to safety and why I try to make rounds fun for everyone now.
(holy shit c pasted this into google docs to count the words, I got really carried away with this, 793 word, jesus)

Advice for sec players
Just because they roled antag does not mean they are evil, valid hunting is cringe. Also carry your weapon pinpointer in your backpack and not your belt, people steal the belts and it can not only get your tools back, but also find a possible or confirmed antag.

One of my favorite moments
Ok so I was a detective who also roled werewolf. I revealed to sec, and other than a few blood thirsty valid hunters,  they were cool with it. I labelled myself detective Wren do when in wolf form they knew who I was. QM was running a racket of harvesting monkey hearts to sell, so I made a deal with them and they sent me the rest of the monkey organs as "snacks". I labelled the trashbin I kept them in detectives snacks. A clown who didn't know I was wolf almost had a heart attack when they opened the bin for some munchies. I made it out alive, without killing a single person, and sec gave me losts of tummy rubs and sticks.

Sec improvement
I think there should be a sec blacklist. there have been bad, and bloodthristy sec members, who while doing things that don't go against the rules, need to be held to a higher standard. This might already exist, but a way to punish bad sec members, temporarily or permanently would be good. 

Differences in playstyle
I usually try to buddy up with another sec member when there is a maint heavy antag killing people, like ling or vamp. So that when we go in maint and run into them, the other is there to defend the hurt or incapacitated one. 

Sec gimmick
So I have had this idea for a while, and I will put down 2. One idea is a antag reform program or ARP. In this program, antags can volunteer and do some activities and programs, to then be fully integrated into the ship and possibly use their abilities to help, and to not have to hide their true selves. Benefits would be bloodbags for vamps, free reign in the morgue for lings, places that can be safely depowered that wouldn't harm the ship for arcs, and unionization for traitors. Pets for wolves included. A second idea is a werewolf petting zoo. Wolves can stop on by, get a health check  up, food, treats, play and pets. everything a good boy needs.
Previous bans: Yes I have been banned many times, I can't remember how many which is bad, but I have been clean since November.
Bluejet999, I see you from time to time on goonstation 1, i think you would make a great hos I like how you play detective its fun to watch and interact with you in game, all around I hope you get the go ahead to become HOS
(02-20-2023, 06:35 PM)Supperagent00e Wrote: Bluejet999, I see you from time to time on goonstation 1, i think you would make a great hos I like how you play detective its fun to watch and interact with you in game, all around I hope you get the go ahead to become HOS

Thank you so much, that means alot to me, I pride myself with how I play in sec, its the role I take the most seriously, but I try to be chill enough to have people have a nice round. Also it feels good to finally get one reply.
this got buried real fast lmao
We appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to a lack of community response. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 2023-07-04. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep sec officering!

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