Complaint Jan.antilles, Discord, 2/8/2023 8:43pm
Admin: Jan.antilles

Server: Discord

Time: 2/8/2023, 8:43pm EST

Synopsis: Earlier in the week I decided to start working on flower bouquets, hopefully in time for Valentine’s Day. Announced it in Coder and got a coder to help collaborate with in DMs and reached out in Spriter for help too. Jan and Walp were interested but Walp specifically stated they’d like to do modular vases sometime, so Jan decided to abstain[Image: IMG_9980.png] (image 1). Totally fine and not anything I cared about on my end, but vases and bouquets were different so I continued working in bouquets. 

On 2/8, with most of the bouquet code done, we pinged the spriters to see if they’d like to contribute. I asked Jan if she would like to finish her sprite draft and she said no thank you, so I decided I’d sprite it to save time, or ask for help. At that point only sprites we’re really needed anyway (image 2). [Image: IMG_9981.png]

At around 8:43pm in the RP Chat, I showed off the draft PR that my friend had made for bouquets, as I was excited about our progress in getting it done so fast, and I admit I was excited about Valentine day bouquets. A mistake I made was not in asking Walp for help with the sprites or pinging them prior to showing the draft PR in the chat, as I was excited- it had just gotten most of the code done, and I wanted to talk about flowers with my friends. Jan noticed the MedAss post of the bouquets and then began to, in my eyes, chew me out in the chat room in a very embarassing and upsetting experience. She asked if it was necessary for me to broadcast my PR and undercut Walp, and that she was frustrated and disappointed, in summary. This was in front of an entire public discord, after I had asked to move it to DMs. 
[Image: IMG_9982.png]

[Image: IMG_9983.png]

[Image: IMG_9984.png]

[Image: IMG_9985.png]

As it turns out, my friend had been talking about it in Coder and Jan had spoke to him there earlier, suggesting he ask Walp for their thoughts. I didn’t know this at the time, and Jan assumed she had spoke to me about it then and not my friend.

[Image: IMG_9987.png]

This was extremely unprofessional and upsetting. When arguments happen in the chat, it’s asked they be moved to DMs, or an admin steps in to moderate it. Instead, mentors stepped in to try and moderate it instead, with Jan denying she was chewing me out despite stating how frustrated and upset she was with me. 

Extra information: Jan later apologized that same day, only a few hours later, but again, I wish it had been done in a more private setting- if not in DMs then in an admin room or something instead. I would like to thank the mentors that stepped in to try and moderate things. 

I’m not some horrific monster or wannabe funny man; I just wanted to make some flowers for Valentine’s Day.
Not sure how to edit the post but here is the apology as well. Sorry for any formatting issues as I am genuinely in the hospital for some surgery thing, if that is alright. And apologies if I’m making a fuss of nothing too. [Image: IMG_9989.png]
With this thread, are you hoping to just convey, "I wish Jan had reached out to me privately about this, in general I prefer people approach me privately with things like this"? If so, we can definitely note that.

I also want to note that the actual order of events was different; "this was in front of an entire public Discord, after I had asked to move it to DMs" wasn't actually the case. The messages in those following four screenshots all occured prior to you asking to move to DMs.
If someone expresses wanting to discuss an issue privately rather than publicly, in general I think it's good to oblige and not just disregard them, yeah. That's not really what happened here though.

Your complaint has been discussed by the team and acknowledged.
“With this thread, are you hoping to just convey, "I wish Jan had reached out to me privately about this, in general I prefer people approach me privately with things like this"? If so, we can definitely note that.”

Mostly that yes. Sorry again for any formatting issues, as it wasn’t my intention to present anything incorrectly. My goal for the thread isn’t to whine but to say “I wish this had been handled differently” with regards to being reached out privately instead. I also wish the information had been checked first before the initial replies- I know we are all human but I genuinely don’t have bad intentions, so assuming I was trying to undercut an admin (Walp) I look up to was hurtful .

Thank you for the reply! Apologies again for any issues.

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