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NT Interview Log: Tin Claw
A truncated copy of Tin Claw's resume has transcribed for future reference:

Medical Information
Full Legal Name: Tin Claw
(A middle name has not been given or found.)
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him 
Age: 35 years
Blood Type: AB+
Species: Saurian
Weight: 160lbs
Height: 6' 0"
Compatibility with Cloning: Acceptable
Doctor's Diagnosis: Tin Claw appears to be an average adult male saurian with the exceptions of his plant-like arms and short tail and claws. When questioned about his eyesight he said that he was unable to read anything beyond his hand's length. Patient's previous record has noted hemophilia type A runs in his family. Notes from the therapist show that the patient has attachment issues with his sibling, Willow Claw, and is extremely defensive with questions about them. Anger issues have been noted.

Security Details
Previous Syndicate Ties?: No
Warrant for Arrest?: No
Part of an Enemy of Nanotrasen?: No
Current Record: Delving into background info shows minor issues with malpractice and unlicensed doctoring. Has issues with petty theft. Before this interview he has been spotted many times as a stowaway on NT-13 to act as a clown.

Background Information
Nationality: American
Birthplace: California, Earth
Birthday: March 17, 2017
Religion: Atheist
Current Residency: Apartment #24, R-4 Residential Station
Level of Education: A master's degree in theatrical arts
Previous Job Experience: Has not had any formal doctor training and is a quote "self-taught pharmacist". A background check into his family shows all doctors with all possessing PhD in the medical field. He says he's obtained a "background info" in medicine from his parents.

Hiring Specifications:
Desired Job: Medical Director
Desired Station: NT-13
Desired Shifts: Afternoon

Interview Log:
Subjects in the log: Tin Claw (Interviewee), Adrian Powers (Interviewer)

Adrian, sighing: "Alright, sir... would you stop messing with everything on my desk? I'm trying to conduct a proper interview for you here."
Tin: "Oh uh, right sorry." He puts back half of the office supplies back on the desk. "Now, what do you gotta ask of me?"
Adrian, rubbing his forehead: "So, you want to be a doctor, correct? I'm seeing a lack of any sort of proper medical training on your record."
Tin, grabbing a pen: "I don't see what you mean. I've got plenty of medical training in there. My parents were great teachers."
Adrian: "And... what does this medical training encompass?"
Tin: "Well I've learned to uh... do medical... stuff? I've saved like... a few lives. I'm a great doctor."
Adrian: "You're... alright. Do you have experience with leadership positions since you'll be entering a command position?"
Tin, grabbing another pen: "Well I-"
Adrian, slamming his palms into his desk: "SO! Let me get ALL OF this straight! YOU want NT hire a medical director with NO formal training, a record of MALpractice, NO medical license, and one that just love stealing my GOD DAMN STUFF?"
Tin, dropping the pens to the floor: "Uh... er... when you put it that way I... may have uh... some slight issues to work out..."
Adrian, looking clearly frustrated: "...I have a few more questions before I decide. Do you have any sort of recommendations from anyone?"
Tin, handing over a letter: "I've got this. It's signed by the uh... important members of my family.
(Note: This letter of recommendation was signed by only of his one family member.)
Adrian, slamming the desk with his palms: "Jesus fucking Christ. Fuck this shit. I don't care anymore. I am so fucking done with this job. You can go work in sector 4 for all I care." He stamps Tin's resume with an accepted stamp.
Tin: "Well uh thank you...?"
Adrian, slamming his desk yet again: "I am so fucking tired of NT sending me people with NO qualifications." He throws Tin's documents at him. "You're a theater major wanting to be a DOCTOR."
Tin, picking up the documents: "Sir I think uh-"
Adrian, stuffing his face into his hands: "Just leave. Now."
End of log.
(Interviewer's Notes: I am so fucking tired of all of you and this dead end job. I'm joining the syndicate. Fuck all of you. I hope I get to nuke this place.)

Status: Accepted
Operational Sector: 4
Additional Notes: Adrian Powers has since left the interviewing team and has stolen many company secrets due to this.

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