Feedback The Specimen's Silly E.O.M. Awards!

I wanted to present feedback, entirely positive, for the admins I've interacted with and think deserve recognition. THIS IS JUST OFF WHAT I SEE, INTERACT, AND SPOKEN WITH. Please don't be upset with your favorite Specimen.

The E.O.M. Speech (?)
So I decided to do this a few days ago, like almost a week + because I thought it would be fun and it gave me something to practice my skills on, not that I'm particularly good but we're getting there ! Running a community as big as GoonStation must be difficult, and while I have some disagreements on the way things are ran, I still cannot deny that I appreciate that the server is being upheld and that it is mostly done off your free and spare time. So regardless of my gripes, thank you for your continued contributions smile . Now onto my Pseudo Awards! 
[Image: bronzemedal.png]
♦--------------BRONZE MEDAL:--------------♦

Our first winner is Enakai! Enakai takes 3rd place mostly due to my limited interactions with them. They allowed me to play a HoS round which was extra cool of them, I really appreciated that ! We've played security together and Enakai feels very grounded and approachable. I very much wish to speak and interact with them more in game!

[Image: silvermedal.png]
♦--------------SILVER MEDAL:--------------♦

Second winner is Katzen! Though I started off rocky with them, least from my point of view, they've quickly grown to be one of my favorite admins around. Their gimmicks usually are a lot of fun without being majorly disruptive. Katzen is also the admin I have the most interaction with, as they're often in game and extremely active whether it be in dead chat, in game, or on discord. Being on the receiving end of how they deal with problems as well, I admire their patience a lot and willingness to listen.

♠--------------HONORABLE MENTIONS:--------------♠

Limited interactions again, but the few I've had were pretty hilarious. Seems like they're always willing to have fun and add a little extra spice to the round. I don't see them often in game or on discord but I'd be very much pleased to see them appear more.


Another one I don't see often, runs gimmicks that are usually larger in scale but not large enough to be something that I would deem extremely disruptive. They often hand out tokens as well for compensation when a gimmick is held, which that in itself I appreciate. Really lets you breathe a sigh of relief when you see their PM that your round isn't lost if you were antag during their gimmicks. 


Overall based admin, usually mild on gimmicks. Chill most the time unless you pester them and even then it'll usually be a silly KO to get you away. Also feels somewhat approachable. Has an on going joke about me though ):. They introduced me to Azones back when I was just fresh guiding me through a part of Mars. Was a pretty awesome experience that actually made me do multiple azones after just from that interaction. ( ALSO UPDATE YOUR OFFICE )

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for... the grand prize winner of the Employee Of The Month awards is....

[Image: goldmedal.png]
♦--------------GOLD MEDAL:--------------♦

I think without a doubt one of the admins I hold the highest amount of respect for. Is constantly nose first in the game's wires to add things or fix things. Recently added White Holes which are incredible in my opinion and must've taken a load of work, and this is just one of many things. Extremely Approachable, Very Humble and shows signs of responsibility. I still remember that they were the one who gave us a rather concrete answer during the Brain Slugs incident, which they could have not, but I heavily appreciated that. Pali without a doubt is the big winner of the E.O.M. Awards.

Thank you for reading this long drawn out post, that probably doesn't exactly mean much realistically haha, I've been your host The Specimen.

(Disclaimer: Please remember that this is JUST based off my personal interactions and experiences.)
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Thank u <3

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