Caden HoS Application
Usual character name: Caden de Leon
BYOND username: Insert name here2
Discord username (if you are on our discord): goose#3054
Goon servers you play: Goon1

Reason for application:
I have been playing for a while as security and i thought it would be cool to be the HoS they get a turtle who would not want a turtle and i also like teaching new sec members how to play as security.
Also they get a cool hat.

Security experience (300 word minimum):

Getting started as security was hard i did not know a lot of things like; The sec donuts heal you and lings in horror form cant be stunned by tasers. 
But after learning all those things it was fun one round the clown broke into security and gibbed the monkey in brig and ran off the next time i saw him he was on meth and bible farted as a prank then someone sent a crate to security with an armed bomb and i died.

After i learned how to play as security, i decided to help others learn to play as well so if anyone asked how to play i  would tell them the basics of being security and how to arrest someone properly like not searching them in the middle of the hallway and searching them so they dont escape.

Another fun round was when security learned there was a ling in mining and everyone went to try and kill it but it went in horror form and ate everyone.

One thing i like about playing as security is that you gotta always be carefull around people someone might be trying to kill you and steal your identity or feed you acid, its really exciting theres always something happening around you, so i stayed playing as security.
I learnt that the turtle in HoS's office hates the clown and is out to get them wich is pretty funny.

My experience as security was really fun and i thought it would be fun to be head of security instead of just a normal security officer or a detective, i also wanted a pet turtle.

One of my funniest round was when the head of security became a clown and recruited the clown to fight off a bunch of revolutionaries we won the round so fast it ended in like 7-15 minutes kind of forgot.

Overall i just really enjoyed security and i hope i can play as head of security.

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players?
    Clone scan yourself in case someone steals the disks and you die.If your going to chase an antagonist do not do it alone tell us in radio just in case you die.If you are in trouble yell for help in radio and make sure to tell us where or hit the alert button on the top left.
  • What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
    My favorite security moment was when i was detective when i went to security a sec off asked how you arrested someone as security so i spent the whole round teaching him the basics of security like to not let someone steal their weapons.
Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

[*]What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?

Seclowity; Wanted to run this but couldnt, just have all of security wear 1 of clowns gear at all times such as the shoe mask or jumpsuit.
Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

Got banned for griefing once forgot when.
played with them a couple times pretty good sec off not being too harsh on antags early on or just letting them go so +1
+1 good secoff saw him teaching a couple assistants
Fair secoff, I think he would do a good hos I would trust him near, also doesn't make round not fun so +1
Seen you around before, you are a good sec off who keeps the game fun. +1
A good secoff. Reliable and good with punishments. +1
We appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to a lack of response by people other than yourself, and your recent conduct. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 2023-07-04.

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