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Disabling Trip Lasers (or, how not to)
Hey all!

Normally, I don't much care about disabling mech-comp stuff, but Trip Lasers are a particular exception. While most people know them for their role in guarding the armory on Cogmap and a few other maps, there's a spot in deep space that has them in abundance, and I've never really figured out how to get around them. While actually tripping the lasers doesn't kill you immediately, they can pose a problem since they alert the ship's security systems, making them a hassle and hazard.

In short, can these trip lasers be defeated or avoided in case you want/need to pass by them? Do you just have to limbo/crawl underneath them? Do you just have to hit them a lot until they break? Can they be blown up? I'm curious to see what the proper technique for dealing with these is.
Unwrenching them should work.
the IR detectors aren't actually mechcomp (afaik mechcomp can't be preset on maps at all), and they're pretty permanent

explosives are probably your best bet
Trip the lasers, phaser the mobs.
pretty sure you can lay down to avoid the trip lasers
I recall these IR detectors are powered by cables under them, but i could be wrong there. I believe they can be disconnected from power by snipping the cable?

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