Sergio/Gumbio Unserios HoS application
Usual character name: Sergio/Gumbio/Capatino Unserios
BYOND username: Cheffie
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Skeletons#9399
Recommended by (if applicable): Tavish Finnegan (Lucky Cobra#1305) & Garion Aziz (Santa Shy#1979)
Goon servers you play: Heisenbee

Reason for application:
I have been mostly playing security for a good while now and I know from experience that a round with a HoS is much better than one without especially with newer players that might need a helping hand with secmate or getting punishments correct. But of late classic is suffering from a big drought of active HoS players with an influx of new security, so hopefully with this classic can have a HoS on duty more often which will help put new players on the right track.

Security experience:
Initially I stayed away from security, I played pretty much every job except security for my first few months. But when I finally decided to play security it quickly became my most played job role. Of course as with anyone starting out I made my fair share of mistakes and had a rough time sometimes, but I stuck with it, playing with many great officers and heads of security.
Recently I have also taken a leadership role in many rounds without a HoS already, in some cases taking over when the existing HoS needed to leave. Coordinating the team and making sure that antagonists are treated fairly based on shift time and severity of what they have done.

There are a few points that I think are important for anyone striving to be a HoS which I have underlined below:

Punishments - Giving the right punishments to antagonists and even your own security team is probably the number one thing and I would like to say I have fair punishments, I prefer shorter brig times for antags and like to preserve the round in a way by leaving some gear with them for traitors/spies or just doing brig for non-human antags for early or first offenses assuming they haven't done horrible crimes, as its important to keep a balance for an interesting round, and as a HoS you have the power to massively change that balance.
I am also not afraid to question other officers or give them a talking to, even demoting or punishing them if they do things unbefitting of an officer such as using gear from the contraband locker, hacking into/authorising armoury for little reason or beating down normal crew.
While I don't like it and saved for the most dire of situations I know when its a good time to start executing antagonists or even crew if the shift gets bad enough, people tiding into the armoury to loot shotguns or explosives being a good example.

Teaching - Being able to teach is a good skill and although the opportunity doesn't come up often I am no stranger to teaching new security officers or assistants the ropes when they are first starting out, mainly with setting statuses, searching with secmate as well as the main sechud flags and promoting them to call for help on radio if they need it as well as stressing the importance of alerts and communication.
I have also helped some new antagonists with getting their bearings. One time I fondly remember is seeing a traitor chaplain with a katana only slashing the chest, after taking it and giving him brig time, I taught him how to use limb intents on a monkey. For the rest of the round, he was cutting off monkey heads. Sleeping bee

Communication - Communication is very important tool for a strong security team. To that end I try to keep my fellow officers in the loop as much as possible stuff like who is bad, prints we need to look for, witnesses to crimes or anything else of interest. Another good habit I have is checking in with the security channel if its been quiet for a while just to make sure everyone is good.
Though I must admit my communication with antagonists while making arrests is lackluster and something I should strive to do more when the shift allows for it, since sometimes classic just doesn't give you the chance.

What advice would you give to other sec players?
Probably massively over said but it really is the most important thing on security, communicate with your fellow officers. Ask if you need help or for confirmation on why someone needs to be brought in, just check in on security radio from time to time. Being silent is the absolute worst thing you can do. Also don't worry about not being robust or making mistakes since everyone needs to start somewhere, and you can still be helpful without making arrests with fines, tickets and secmate (get some funny stuff in for round end!). Lastly give antags some leeway, remember the human, they are on the round to have fun as well. Just because you can take all their gear or kill them now, would the round be more fun if they had another chance? 

What was one of your favourite security moments?
One of the best moments I had as a security was with me as a Secoff and Garion "G" Aziz as the HoS. I found an inactive chameleon bomb and gave it to them to check prints and put in the contraband locker and it was tested in a very unorthodox way, It was activated in hands and clicked again... Lets just say they had a much bigger surface area after that.

What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
If im being honest, I think a nerf to security would be a beneficial change in the long run as right now most antags don't have much chance against security with 30 second stuns, disruptor cell batons and alerts. I believe not being able to solo most antags as a single officer would promote more communication and cooperation within security and create better players. Besides that I think some way of storing disks together in one object would help promote both leaving disks in security and actually using them which can really make the difference in some rounds.

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
I've been wanting to run some sort of contest between antags to be executed and security where they can fight to earn their freedom, such as with a boxing match or kendo in the gym, mainly on slow rounds where there not much is happening, to keep the crew engaged in the round and hopefully keep antags alive to keep it interesting too.

Thank you for reading!   a fancy greater domestic space-bee

Previous bans:
Two bans for rule 4 violations. One three-day ban for getting in a fight with a CE for a dumb reason.
sergio is an example of a good and fun secoff on goon, a really good player so this is a easy +1
This might be the easiest + 1 ever. Ive been telling sergio to do HoS application for ages. Honestly for me Ticks Quite literally all the box's for a ideal HoS. Is extremely fair with punishments, Communicates with the team constantly, Can confirm he actually does fulfill a good teamwork dynamic with the sec team while no HoS and also fills the extra tick box of being robust. Finally if He gets HoS He wont be mindhacked as much as sec :).

Genuinely Great security. I cannot see in my opinion why he shouldnt get it. Sadly if you get HoS you will be forced to be bald :(. +1
no brainer +1 he knows his sec stuff definitely has more than sufficient experience for hos
Sergio is a model officer. Great punishments, communication, and great to work with. Would be a super solid hos +1
I have both Sec off'd AND Hos'd with him extensively and he was there when I started my growth with Security. I have watched, Learned and experienced what he is like on and off the team. Without a doubt in my mind he has earned the position. Gummy Displays the ability to take action when needed during rough situations where details and decisions are up in the air. I still to this day stand by these thoughts and will recommend Gummy for hos +1
Plenty of experience, knowledge, and communication skills to play HoS. Honestly great guy and I would really like to see him lead sec! +1
One of the most consistently reasonable, capable and talkative secoffs on classic right now. +1
Also has never successfully stolen my hair. Ever.
Sergio is absolutely a great secoff, able to handle himself extremely well.
Late response from me, but +1.
After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a HoS. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our HoS Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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