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[PR] Prevent cyborgs removing items from humans

About the PR
Fixes #12866

Why's this needed?
No-one expects borgs to remove items. Borgs cannot hold or add items.
Balance questions from borgs ability to remove internals, equipment, handcuffs.


(+)Prevent cyborgs removing items from humans.

All for it. It doesn't make sense for them to be able to interact with items in peoples inventory at all.
I agree with this, at minimum it should take them much longer to remove stuff (clumsy robot hands)
But only with the slowing down.
I still think borgs need to strip search players or take off stuff in medbay to help em.
As well as antagging purposes.

Taking it away completely would just make the borg unable to help with taking off stuff from other players.
(01-25-2023, 06:01 AM)Kotlol Wrote: I still think borgs need to strip search players or take off stuff in medbay to help em.

Strip searching for borgs is actually a problem, imo. That's securities job, not something borgs should be capable of.
I don't like this change and don't want to see it implemented. Borgs being able to remove your items isn't a problem. Use your legs. If you can't use your legs, then you deserve it.

Borgs being incapable of picking up and using normal items does not make them incapable of actually using their limbs to do things. Remember, robot limbs work just fine as human arms and do not have any penalties (and are in fact better).

Sorry you got robusted once.
given how often i see "law two uncuff me" i think we can say people do expect borgs to be able to remove items
borgs are quite capable of interacting with the station around them, is it really that far fetched to believe they can remove an item from someone when they can do things like cook or grow plants, stack items, climb things, etc? these are more “delicate” actions, i dont entirely understand the logic of saying they have clumsy hands due to not being able to hold normal items. as wisemonster pointed out on github, they can still pull/interact with most things just fine. just seems like a nerf for the sake of a nerf
As somebody who has seen second-hand the immense inconvenience that comes with being borg sometimes, as well as the incredible damage that rogue borgs can do, I think that borgs removing items from people is the least of our concerns. As an option to help humans, removing items from people can actually be quite useful in some scenarios (afk people suffocating while wearing internals and an empty O2 bottle comes to mind), but as an offensive tool for rogued/lawless borgs I feel like removing things from people is not playing to their strengths at all. At best, it helps them kill people that are already incapacitated or terribly oblivious, and if a person is incapacitated, you could just...keep hitting them? Space them? Pull them into a room full of toxic gas?

I never play cyborg, and don't intend to willingly, but this seems like a needless nerf. Unless borgs removing things from people is a widespread problem that I'm unaware of, I would advise against this change.
I'd rather see the timer to remove clothing/handcuffs increased for borgs. Call it a "safety mechanism" or something. I play borg a lot, and removing internals from people who are suffocating and don't realize their tank is empty is very common, as well as removing magboots from dying/dead people so I can move/clone them.
i just don't think it needs changed at all. again, sorry you died once, but all you have to do to stop being stripped is move, and if you can't move, then that's your problem
Im pretty sure this Thread was made because I was AI and set people to arrest and as a shell would space the people and if they had suits on I would remove internals and the suit. Then some people in chat got a bit mad that I was killing people using this method. Even if this isnt the reason for it being made this is something that I did. Personally I think its fine and to remove it would kinda restrict borgs to literally only plasma flooding and door bolting. This way borgs can be more direct in their killing and arent forced to only indirectly harm people.
i agree with zamujasa, this thread just feels like a kneejerk reaction to getting owned by a borg
It's vital for med borgs to br able to remove clothing and items.

I absolutely and fully oppose this. It feels like, as stated, a punishment for losing.

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