Complaint Grifflez
I think my ban is being mishandled, the admin's main point is that i blocked off parts of the station, and intentionally tried to evade a ban, however I did not block off any parts of the station intentionally, i was just using the "ai can be an asshole" rule i saw in the official wiki, as for the adminwho thing, i merely used it to determine if there was an admin there, and even then the ban wasn't supposed to be an appeal ban, it was grief, but it could easily be fixed by ingame players, it's like stealing someone's id while the HoP is still alive; i've done way worse things in the time i played the game, I literally committed grief by definition, and i didn't get banned, when i can literally fucking get away with blowing up explosives in a crowded area as a non traitor bartender, but i can't get away with building a maze like in this post, this server's moderation is so braindead that i can get away with actual grief, but a simple lack of surveilance can get me banned, i could blow up a clown with a rocket launcher and not get banned, i literally made mildly harmful/annoying ai laws. Personally i think my ban was injustice, I shouldn't have been appeal banned, it should've
been a temp ban.

Relevant video above
You were banned until appeal as when Grifflez PMed you "Why are you walling off corridors?", you did not respond and instead logged off, thus necessitating an until appeal ban so that you would be forced to actually talk to us. You then posted an awful appeal that amounted to "Well you see, I've done far worse so I shouldn't be banned!" That you thought that is a good reason for you to be unbanned is, frankly, amazing.

Locking this thread. Don't bother appealing again any time soon.

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